Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Numbers

I certainly created more than I shared in May.  And Holy Cow is it the first of the month and i'm already sharing my numbers?  A record and a first:)  There are more pages that were completed but they don't have photos so I guess that means that they aren't really done huh.  Oh well, they will just have to be added to June's numbers.  What I did manage to do in May was:

  •   Complete 40 layouts 
  •                      Use 69 pieces of patterned paper  
  •                      Use 11 packages of stickers & embellishments  
  •                      Use 45 pieces of cardstock  
  •                      Use up 0 - 6X6 pads (are they having babies?  I can't seem to get them used up!)

Not terrible but not great either.  What is great to me is the first of the four pages that I have to share with you.  You can see my BIL's reflection on the glass.  Love the effect!

My boys are the best of friends (when they are not fighting:)).  My husband got this great shot wayyyy back in 2010 when my oldest dude graduated from basic....

The background was made for this page right?  It is so gorgeous that I had to scrap it.  This photo may see another page.....

My little sis loves her job and it is so nice to see her rewarded for her creativity and dedication.......

Just a little longer and the weekend will be here so hang in there folks!  As always, thanks for stopping by🙂