Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have an extraordinarily busy day today. Whew, I am tired already. So why am I blogging you might be asking, well I don't know, I just couldn't help myself. Here's my Tuesday to-do list:

  • homework for Web & Bus class

  • study for Acc test tomorrow (and boy do I need it! Have I mentioned that I can't count?)

  • laundry

  • dishes

  • finishing touches on class samples & get em in the mail

  • work on developing new class for a new assignment

  • mow the lawn (where's the boy when you need him? I am only doing the front today!)

  • Pay bills & mail (Yuck! I wish I could get paid and have the cosmos pay my bills so I could spend all my money on clothes, eating out, coffee & scrapbooking)

  • finish moving furniture in boys room

  • take couch to the dump (that's been on my list for months now)

  • clean my bathroom (maybe move that to tomorrow)

  • CHA reservations

  • camping reservations

  • baby shower cards for my sister

  • etc, etc (ie stuff that I need to do but won't do today lol)

What's on your list?

Man, it is absolutely gorgeous today! Hot, but georgeous. I even took a photo for you.........

Have a great day and blog you later!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Leave The TV On

when you go to bed or you will find yourself waking up at 4:30 am and end up blogging an hour later!

A "nice" note my girlie left me on FB

#1-"I found you woman!"
*when I told her I had a FB account she didn't believe me so she called and asked me which community? I was in. Communi what I said. She called me back and 1st asked me if I was sure I had an account than said that she could not find me anywhere. A couple days later I got this*

#2 - I didnt send you a friend request thank you very much. What would make you think that I would want you snooping around on my page? Hmmm? You might get a few shockers lol. But thank you, I wouldn't be beautiful if it wasnt for you. Come on you ARE my mother : )"
*I got this in reply to the very cute note I left her about how hard she was going to have to work to get me to accept her as a friend. How sweet is my girl. Reminds me of that candy commercial for the sweet & sour gummys

Cathleen Smith (met her in one of my classes, she was great) is an Rusty Pickle Amazing Race Finalist. Congrats Cathleen, your work is fantastic. I have to go check out the clues at noon.

My boys are gone. Did not realize how quiet my house would be or how much I would miss having them around. They are having fun at my brothers and when I called, my little guy did not even want to slow down & talk to me. Oh well I have to face reality, he is not my baby any more.

Off to do homework. Will probably go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Blog Already!

I did it again. I posted 2 weeks worth of post in one day. It is so much simpler to just do it when I start the post. Some people.

Here are a couple of photos of one of the classes that I will be teaching in Columbia. I am so happy with how it came out. I was a bit disappointed that my original supplies were no longer available but once I got to work with these, the album just came together. Love the bird in the nest!

I sure hope that I can get in the TH class at CHA. That would make me so happy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Finished

the homework that I started at 12pm. This school stuff is no joke. I haven't worked this hard since Q was a baby. My brain is fried!

Very Good News! I talked to Jodie and I will be teaching 3 classes at Scrap 'n' Stamp in Jacksonville, Florida next month. I used to visit this store all the time when I lived there. I will be teaching:
  • The Apron Class
  • Being Myself 6X6 Mixed Media Album
  • The Glimmer Project Mixed Media Album
I love all three of these classes and was very happy when Jodie said she wanted them. I should be posting a few pics of the samples this week before I get them in the mail.

I will also be teaching a new paper bag album in Columbia in July. I will post some pics of that tomorrow.

My dad is doing fine. I just want to say thanks for keeping him in your prayers. My girlie emailed me some pics of him. He just bought a new mule and was completely annoyed that he could not go and plow with him over the weekend. He plows the old fashioned way and let me tell you, it is hard work being pulled behind a mule! It is one of the reasons he stays so thin. He is probably the most active man I know. He picked me a bag full of fresh cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and squash (my favorite!). I am waiting for the boys to come back before I cook them. The horse at the bottom is the one that threw him last year and almost killed him. My husband said that that horse would have been glue but my dad (with a punctured lung, broken collarbone and everything else) refused to go to the hospital till he was sure the horse was safe and not hurt. He is one amazing man.

I did this layout of Q and just realized that I left the "e" off of Dude. Duh! Still love the layout though. I went back and added the "e" in the second lo (ps, excuse the mess in the background of the 1st pic)

I will be going to CHA! I am so excited. Beyond excited. This is my first time going and I am going to try to take a ton of classes and look at lots of paper & stuff. Should I get a purple boa & tiara?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Sweet

Is this dog? This is my moms new puppy Candace (Candy for short). She is adorable!!!! And my little guy loves her. She loves him too. They spent the entire day playing chase and he took her for walks. And no, we are not getting one. We will visit this one to take the edge off. Reminds me of another cute dog huh Karla. (yah I know the pics are blurry, I truly suck as a photog)

My mom had been wanting to go fishing for a while and that's what we planned to do while she was here. We actually went to the river the first night and didn't catch a single thing! She caught 2 yucky catfish and a really pretty turtle. All got thrown back because Shere don't clean no fish!

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


When you are in school, you actually need to check and see if you have any assignments due. Who knew. I didn't apparently! But it's all good, I can catch up next week.

Yippee, 2 more days till school is done! Can you say sleep in. Yall I truly can't wait.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Change 3

Major change 3 for the girl. She is going with art. Hopefully this will be the last time as school will start in about a month.

The hubby and I have been talking about a trip to Disney. Could the urge to go be coming from Nicoles excitement about going with her family? Maybe, maybe not.

My sister is finally, finally getting married. Holy cow. She and her fiance have been together for darn near 10 years (might be more than ten, I lost count) and are finally on the same page. I am so happy for her and am praying that they have the happiest fairy tale marriage.

The boy decided to join the Air Force this summer. Wow, just wow. Sometimes I look at him and don't realize that he is my baby boy. From 4 lbs of baby joy to 150 lbs of boy/man. Wow.

My mom will be coming for a visit soon.

Scrappy Stuff - for the little guy. Because he knows everything and won't let us forget it.

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Been Scrappy

I've been scrappy! Look what I did today.......

For shame, only one layout has pictures. I don't forsee that being fixed anytime soon as I need black ink for my printer and do not feel like running out to get any. Besides that I am thinking of submitting all of my photos to one of those online places and having them printed out and delivered to me. Lovely, just lovely that would be.

Thank the Lord school will be out next week. I can barely make it!

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Have a Date

But it's not with my husband! It's with the scrappy chicas at Scrapbook Creations in Columbia, SC. I will be teaching 2 classes there on Saturday July 11th. I am beyond excited. I really loved her store. I had to spend 20 minutes drooling, I mean looking around before I could even talk to Stacie. Lovely, just Lovely.

I officially started school 2 days ago but thankfully, I am taking online courses, so I start tomorrow. This will be one short post. I have a lot of frickin money to recover from spending. It physically hurt me to write the check for my tuition and the bookstore made me cry (and I almost flipped my van over turning into it). I got no sleep last night thinking about going to the school today. I know things will be much easier when I get the hang of things but right now, today, it is tough!!!!! I told my girl that I am going to transfer to her school and take every class that she takes. Hey, we can be study buddies. It was real quit for a while lol.

She actually decided that nursing is not for her. She hates anatomy & physiology. So instead of nursing, she is switching to premed. Go figure. That decision actually settled on me calmly. Pediatrician really feels more like her to me than nurse. I can see her doing that. ER, I cannot. She moves like a turtle and is never, ever intense.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Madness

Monday should just be renamed Madness. Everything that needs to happen seems to get scheduled on a Monday. Is it because folks are trying to finish everything early so that they can get their weekends started on the right note? I don't even know but I tell you what, mine was jam packed!
  • 2 showings of the house
  • dental appt for both boys
  • make dental appt for girl (when exactly will she start doing this herself?)
  • bills & budgeting
  • deposits to be made
  • getting rid of old furniture & a box of magazines (should have been 2 but I couldn't cope with parting)
  • cleaning the back porch (involved a long brush, soapy water, a broom and moving furniture)
  • tying up loose ends before my new classes start
  • follow up phone calls for my sb classes
  • groc store visit (do I have to go every single day? Why do I set aside a day for shopping?)
  • reserving camp sites
  • cooking dinner
  • arrangements to pick up the girl & get her fin aid for next semester situated
  • laundry (washing, folding & putting away)
  • sorting the boys clothes (don't fit, unfit, & just plain not clean but in drawers anyway)
  • vacuuming (Lord it takes about an hour to just vacuum the upstairs & down)
  • deep cleaning the bathroom (must make the boy bathe in his bathroom!)
  • washing dishes
  • calling family
  • and about 6 more things
  • eat (Had popcorn, does that count?)
  • Blog Hop
  • Cuss at Facebook

My time is all gone but at least it was productive. How was your Monday?