Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Sweet

Is this dog? This is my moms new puppy Candace (Candy for short). She is adorable!!!! And my little guy loves her. She loves him too. They spent the entire day playing chase and he took her for walks. And no, we are not getting one. We will visit this one to take the edge off. Reminds me of another cute dog huh Karla. (yah I know the pics are blurry, I truly suck as a photog)

My mom had been wanting to go fishing for a while and that's what we planned to do while she was here. We actually went to the river the first night and didn't catch a single thing! She caught 2 yucky catfish and a really pretty turtle. All got thrown back because Shere don't clean no fish!

Have a great day!

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