Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Have a Date

But it's not with my husband! It's with the scrappy chicas at Scrapbook Creations in Columbia, SC. I will be teaching 2 classes there on Saturday July 11th. I am beyond excited. I really loved her store. I had to spend 20 minutes drooling, I mean looking around before I could even talk to Stacie. Lovely, just Lovely.

I officially started school 2 days ago but thankfully, I am taking online courses, so I start tomorrow. This will be one short post. I have a lot of frickin money to recover from spending. It physically hurt me to write the check for my tuition and the bookstore made me cry (and I almost flipped my van over turning into it). I got no sleep last night thinking about going to the school today. I know things will be much easier when I get the hang of things but right now, today, it is tough!!!!! I told my girl that I am going to transfer to her school and take every class that she takes. Hey, we can be study buddies. It was real quit for a while lol.

She actually decided that nursing is not for her. She hates anatomy & physiology. So instead of nursing, she is switching to premed. Go figure. That decision actually settled on me calmly. Pediatrician really feels more like her to me than nurse. I can see her doing that. ER, I cannot. She moves like a turtle and is never, ever intense.

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Michelle said...

Good luck on your online classes & your scrap classes in Columbia. I hope we'll get to see the samples. Of course Mom will try to get you to teach them here, too!