Friday, June 5, 2009

Change 3

Major change 3 for the girl. She is going with art. Hopefully this will be the last time as school will start in about a month.

The hubby and I have been talking about a trip to Disney. Could the urge to go be coming from Nicoles excitement about going with her family? Maybe, maybe not.

My sister is finally, finally getting married. Holy cow. She and her fiance have been together for darn near 10 years (might be more than ten, I lost count) and are finally on the same page. I am so happy for her and am praying that they have the happiest fairy tale marriage.

The boy decided to join the Air Force this summer. Wow, just wow. Sometimes I look at him and don't realize that he is my baby boy. From 4 lbs of baby joy to 150 lbs of boy/man. Wow.

My mom will be coming for a visit soon.

Scrappy Stuff - for the little guy. Because he knows everything and won't let us forget it.

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later!

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