Monday, May 26, 2008

Guest Designer Kits

Yahoooo. Finally I was able to get the first guest designer kits off the cutting block and into some cellophane (sp?) bags. I told you all first. She (the fabulous Marcie Morgan) does not even know yet! I will email her first thing in the morning but I couldn't wait to get this stuff up on the blog. I love the techniques that she used and she explains her madness (my name for methods) so clearly. You are going to love her kits. Here's a look.........

Some new kits that I have been working on for Buffalo. The paper bag album that I did just for the Buffalo show. The title is Boy (Trouble). Pure cuteness.
I hardly ever do this, in fact this will be the first time, but we will be reintroducing a kit from 2 shows ago. It sold out within an hour and I have received so many request for it that I am making up more. Still, like all of our kits, in a small, limited quantity. It is the acrylic girl album kit and I hope that you enjoy this one as well. I changed the papers a bit but it is still adorable.
That's all I have for now. I have been up to my ears in class & booth kits. I only have 2 days upon return from Buffalo before I have to leave for Arlington. Busy, Busy so back to kitting I go. I have one more set to do before I am done for the night. Hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday and blog you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Pictures Are Here, The Pictures Are Here

My hubby is finally back from his latest business trip and he was able to send me the photos from class. Fortunately he is a great photographer, unfortunately (not for me) he mostly took pics of me! But I did find Jenny & her self expressive album. It is just as cool as I remember.... Hi Jenny.......

Various pics of the classes hard at work.

A little after class socializing (love her handbag, yum) & homework........

I debuted my instructors easel and it was such a great help to me and to the scrappers in the class. Such a relief to have a way for everyone to see the projects without having their class handouts scattered everywhere. Thanks for the feedback on them! Hard at work getting ready for Buffalo next week (Next Week, Holy Smokes). Will try to upload some projects later. Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Inspired 2009

Yes you read right, me, lil ol me, will be teaching at Donna Downeys' Inspired 2009 event! I can hardly believe it but am so honored that she would ask. I have Debby, big personality, Rodrig. to thank! I doubt if she would have noticed me in the back of the room doing my own thing were it not for her. I am a very shy person and am always reluctant to toot my own horn so to speak so Debby is always the one to tell me to stop being such a wuss & open up. She is such a great supporter of mine and I totally, truly adore her! She will also be teaching a workshop there on her fabulous domino jewelry or the marbled eggs that she does. If you have not seen her work, all I can say is WOW you are missing out! She is too, too talented & everything that she touches turns to gold. Not many people can turn a 2 cent egg into a masterpiece with a couple of drops of ink. Anywho, got to turn the computer over to the homeschooler so will get back on later & post some project pics. Thanks for stopping by and blog you later! Have a super fabulous, happy smiley Monday!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing Accomplished

I have gotten nothing accomplished in my scraproom! I had intended to have 4 pages done by now but between unpacking, inventory, packing product for Buffalo, class kits and getting The Pink House ready for Donna Downey (I am so excited about taking a class from this talented lady that I really don't want to do anything else but the kids gotta eat) etc, etc I have not been able to get anything else done (did I mention the homeschooling son who is working with geometry that is totally not my best subject?) aaaaagggghhhhh. Clone me quick! Ok rant over and back to scrapbizness. Sorry about that. Next.........

The only kit that we debuted at NJ that did not sell out was the basketball kit and there are only 2 of those left. I will be placing them in the store tonight! All of the beautiful HS bling, gone! Stamps, gone! Glimmer Mist, gone! Premade pages, nearly gone! WOW. What a great show for us & we are so grateful for the support.

Ok, here is the challenge for the weekend...........

2 pages, both with stitching (ya gotta love it) using this pagemaps sketch (ya know I love Miss Fleck) and the most recent paper & supplies that you purchased. Easy Peasy! If you are not an 8 1/2X 11 scrapper, adjust the sketch to 12X12 by making the pics larger, adding more pics, embellishing more (my personal favorite!) or just leaving the white space. I can't wait to see what you create so make sure that you leave me a link or post it in the gallery at Gifted Memories!
I was on the road for Mother's Day so I want to wish you all a very belated, very happy Mother's Day. I hope that yours was full of fun, laughter & love.
Thanks for stopping by the blog, have a fabulous weekend & blog ya later!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NJ ROCKS!!!!!!!

My staff & I had a fabulous time in NJ! We worked our butts off, but we just had so much fun. Normally I am a nervous wreck (on the inside) when I do classes but the scrappers that took my class were so much fun & so easy going that I was able to really relax & have a bit of fun myself. Being a southern girl thru & thru (yes I say maam when I speak to ladies) I was a bit nervous about being in the big city but I should not have worried at all, traffic was terrific, we found a Boston Market (we need one here) that we ate at every night & on the way out and the Crowne was fabulous. But the best was the people. Everyone was so nice and I truly appreciated that. If you're ever in Charleston, look me up so that I can return the favor!

I managed to slide some giveaways in on a couple of classes but I still missed 2. We literally worked our tails off from the time we walked into class till the time we walked out so to make up for that, if you were in one of my classes that I did not do the giveaways in, leave a comment or email me and I will send you something fabulous. The first 6 people get the prizes. I have pics from class, my husband was shooting away the whole time and as soon as he emails them to me, I will get them posted. Jenny (I hope that you are not J with an ie) from the Pushing Limits class had a fantastic album and I took a picture of it along with a pic of her (she is a total cutie and has the best attitude ever).

I have been very lazy since I got back. I think I was trying to come down with a bug so I slept all day yesterday and most of the day today so I have not gotten one single project done. When we got to NJ the weather was in the high 70's but the last 2 days were rainy & cold. But I am going back to work tomorrow and will get a challenge up along with a page or two. I will also be posting some new kits in the store and the newsletter will go out on Friday.

Back to unpacking. Have a wonderful evening and Curtis, Jean & I all really appreciate the hospitality that you showed us while in NJ. Maybe he will quit his day job and start traveling around the country with me. hmmmmm Thanks for dropping by and blog you later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to NJ

Well, I've kissed the kids & the hubby, packed the store, cut a few thousand (feels like) class kits and am now ready to head out to NJ. Jean and I plan on having a fabulous time and we can't wait to get there! Although, I have to admit, I will miss my blog (missing the family, esp my little guy, goes without saying). I will make sure to update as soon as I get back but until then, have a fabulous week and a better than fabulous weekend. If you plan on stopping by the store, we will process and get your orders out as soon as we return.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I just happened to be looking at some of my old post and noticed that I had received a couple of comments. Oops! Sorry for not replying but I truly did not know that you had posted me some luv. I blog, a lot, and am only shown a few of the post at a time. So if you would like to leave me a comment on an old post, feel free to do so but give me a shout so that I can respond. Ya know I'm like a kid when I see a comment so keep em comin.

Don't have much time today, busy prepping for Memories Expo Jersey (I met some ladies from Jersey at The Pink House Yesterday. Small World. It seems that whenever I have a show, I meet someone from the state I am going to. Last show it was OH & I met someone from OH at The Pink House the week before I left.), CKC Buffalo & NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! So excited about it. I will be at The Pink House most of the day (10-4) but after that, it is back to work!

Here are a more couple Memories Jersey kits.......

Love the colors & the K&Co stickers in the vacation kit.
That is not real notebook paper, there are instructions in the kit on how to make it! Fun & easy!

We did 101 uses for the glimmer mist and I will post some samples this evening or tomorrow. They came out fantabulous, your going to love what you can do with it. Drop by the message board and post your favorite uses. Maybe we can actually get to 101!

Thanks for stopping by & blog you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Thursday!

4 down & 3 to go on the 7 pages in 7 days challenge! Are you able to complete your pages in 30 minutes? I have gone over a bit but definitely less than an hour. I am really loving everything that I come up with using this sketch. And I must be thinking about my girl this week because pink is definitely in the house.
Welcome to our newest message board member, imscrappinit! Tonight we have 101 uses at 9pm est. We are going to be talkin about glimmer mist. I love this stuff and can't get enough of it. I'm really excited to get some more ideas on how to use it. Some interesting topics on the board are the page swap, crazy pages, and summer plans in the nsbr category.

Here is another page that I did today........

I have had this paper forever, with the exception of the Fancy Pants. Finally a lo elegant enough for Imaginesce!

A kit for the NJ Expo......

Finally some sports!

Thanks for stopping by, blog you tomorrow.