Monday, May 19, 2008

Inspired 2009

Yes you read right, me, lil ol me, will be teaching at Donna Downeys' Inspired 2009 event! I can hardly believe it but am so honored that she would ask. I have Debby, big personality, Rodrig. to thank! I doubt if she would have noticed me in the back of the room doing my own thing were it not for her. I am a very shy person and am always reluctant to toot my own horn so to speak so Debby is always the one to tell me to stop being such a wuss & open up. She is such a great supporter of mine and I totally, truly adore her! She will also be teaching a workshop there on her fabulous domino jewelry or the marbled eggs that she does. If you have not seen her work, all I can say is WOW you are missing out! She is too, too talented & everything that she touches turns to gold. Not many people can turn a 2 cent egg into a masterpiece with a couple of drops of ink. Anywho, got to turn the computer over to the homeschooler so will get back on later & post some project pics. Thanks for stopping by and blog you later! Have a super fabulous, happy smiley Monday!!!!!!!!!

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Debby said...

Did you check out Donna's blog? She told the world you were teaching at Inspired! Whoo Hoo...proud of you lady. I'll be there TA-ing. Tell Debbie Whoo Hoo for her too.

BTW: thanks for the invite...I will be taking you up on it one day.