Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Picture Overload

This is a cell picture of Harry Potter's World at Universal.  It was amazing but the lines were 3 hours long to do anything!

I didn't remember Disney having the characters out doing the skits like they were this time but it was so much fun!

Blue Man Group was the best!  We had so much fun.  I thought LaNouba would be the better show but no, uh uh, this was it hands down.

Monday, June 28, 2010


A couple of months ago, CJ and I decided that with Aaron leaving, Jasmine leaving and Ariel gone, leaving us with only the little guy left in the house we needed to do something drastic to reconnect with our babies, spend some time with them while it is still ok to hang out with your parents and give them a token of our appreciation for them being the best kids ever.  So we decided that a family vacation was in order.  A week in Orlando at one of the best resorts we have ever, ever stayed at (even better than the one in Miami and that my friends is saying a lot!).  5 days, 6 parks, 2 shows later we are back and exhausted but it was a great trip!  So sorry in advance about the picture overload!!!!!

The tree of life is AMAZING inside and out.  I cannot get over it. 

Our hotel.  3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, 2 patios, indoor & outdoor pool, bike paths, water slides in pool area, complete & total bliss

Q enjoying the rain shower in the master bathroom (surprise, daddy has the camera)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Seriously where did last week disappear to?  The boy has 2 more days of school (Yeah, almost done), it is so sad to think that before we know it summer will be over and it will be back to crazy busy skeds and cold winter days.  Sigh.

On another note, we had a great weekend!  We took the girls to the beach and they got to go see the trains.  One of the trains passed us so fast that it took our breath away.  We were all delighted and talked about it all day.  They got to ride the carousel on the National Mall (it was surprisingly cheap too) and to see a buffalo at the American History Museum.  We are probably going to go back there today as soon as the boy gets home from school.  Soon we will have a completely kid free house.  Just me and my man.  That has not happened for years.  We probably won't know what to do with ourselves.  Hopefully he will get a trip that I can go on with him.  Wouldn't that be fun.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sister and my oldest "baby" were here!  It was so exciting to see them and spend a couple of days lovin on my girls (my baby sister and my daughter) and my sisters adorable kids.  We went shopping, bar-b-q'd, hung out, and visited the National Zoo.  I have said it before and I will say it again, DC has the most amazing FREE attractions! 

The little guy was so thrilled with the snake his brothy found.  It is crazy how excited we all were for him to see it.  We just all love him to pieces.  Aaron is already talking about how he is going to fly him to wherever he is to visit during the summer.  Sigh.  Yet one more person for me to lose him to during his ever shortening summer break.

Now my Mom in law, nephew and two nieces are visiting till the weekend and needless to say, I am busy every second.  No craft time at all.  These little girls have me worn out by the time bath time is over and their bed time is here.  Good golly, little ones are exhausting (and extremely chatty!).  Just wanted to stop by for a few minutes and say hello.  Off to take advantage of the metro and some more of the free attractions available!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Can get out of bed.  Finally.  I have been updating my post since last week.  That's why it seems as if I am in a time warp.  Monday perky, Tuesday sick as all get out, Wednesday all better.  So not the real timeline! 

Look at what my oldest caught today. 

This is definitely catch and release.  No matter how much the big doe eyed little guy pleads/begs/cries,
it is NOT staying!!!

Trying to get all the arrangements taken care of for A's leaving home.  Travel plans, packing his things, opening accounts, trying to tell him as much as I can about how things work.  I am so excited for him to get started on his new life.  He is so clueless about what is waiting for him that I think I am going to make him a lifebook with advice from all of us and examples on how to do things like write a check, keep a check register, keep up with his monthly bills, stuff like that.  He has never, ever done it.  How did I learn?  I don't remember.  I guess you just get it cause you have too. 

I am back at school.  Mixed feelings about this as my kids will be out of school soon and I won't. 

My nieces are here for a 2 week visit.  Prayers are much appreciated as it has been a very long time since there were little ones in my full time care!

My most favoritist scrappy project of the moment!  Sparked a million and one ideas!

An Explosion Box!

Thanks so much Ginger for the great comments/suggestions.  Your the best.  And yes, I know that I am late as all get out posting the thank you but I hope you know that it has been ringing in my head since I checked out that website.  Check out the photos I've been taking if you don't believe me lol.  If I say so myself, they are much improved.  I totally surprised myself!

A couple of family photos that I love. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week!  IE Yeah it's hump day!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh my.  Sick.  Really Sick.  Behind and sick.  House Dirty but still sick.  No laundry done because I am sick.  Leftovers again?  Yep, your mom/wife is sick. 

Nuff said. 

Should be feeling better in a couple of days.  If not, someone's (ie hubby that brought the crud home) going to get it.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Crazy busy.  Maybe just plain crazy, who knows sometimes, but I have seriously not had 2 extra seconds to rub together (except for Mother's Day) in over a month.  Because I have not had any time to myself I feel like one of those vicious little dogs.  You know the ones, you walk by and see it and it just looks so sweet and inviting but as soon as you get close enough, it takes a taste of you.  Yeah that's me right now.  I feel like biting!  lol.

Not only do I spend my time doing endless domestic stuff, my husband and I have been gardening (okay, my husband has been gardening.  I just take photos & credit lol).  Here are some photos from our garden. 

One of the three cross-stitch projects that I am working on. 

Have not been super, super crafty lately.  In fact, I don't think that I have set foot in my studio for more than a few minutes here or there in a few weeks.  But I did manage to get these layouts done. 

This one I did of my niece.  The fam had gone to Clarks Hill for the day and had a great time.  At the end of it, I guess she decided she didn't want to leave.  So Cute she is. 

A scraplift from Scrapbook Trends.     

The girl again.  I have been going through all my old photos and scrappin them.  When my husband saw this layout, he said "haven't you used that picture on like 4 layouts?".  Yeah I think I need to find a new favorite. 

The sketch I used

Q at Kings Dominion.  He won't let anyone else read the map when we go to any kind of large park.  He takes it over and guides us to all the stuff he wants to see.  Which is cool b/c he always wants to do everything!

It's Final, Finally.  Aaron graduated!!!!!!  WooHoo.  He had us scared, literally, up to the last minute but he walked across the stage and picked up his high school diploma.  He is talking college for the first time ever but I don't know.  He and school.  Icebergs and Beaches.  Seriously.  One day he will be ready but that day ain't tomorrow.  So proud of him for how hard he worked.

I will end this chatty, picture happy post with my favorite photo of my boys.  We took this in Atlantic City. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a fantastic Monday!