Monday, June 7, 2010


Crazy busy.  Maybe just plain crazy, who knows sometimes, but I have seriously not had 2 extra seconds to rub together (except for Mother's Day) in over a month.  Because I have not had any time to myself I feel like one of those vicious little dogs.  You know the ones, you walk by and see it and it just looks so sweet and inviting but as soon as you get close enough, it takes a taste of you.  Yeah that's me right now.  I feel like biting!  lol.

Not only do I spend my time doing endless domestic stuff, my husband and I have been gardening (okay, my husband has been gardening.  I just take photos & credit lol).  Here are some photos from our garden. 

One of the three cross-stitch projects that I am working on. 

Have not been super, super crafty lately.  In fact, I don't think that I have set foot in my studio for more than a few minutes here or there in a few weeks.  But I did manage to get these layouts done. 

This one I did of my niece.  The fam had gone to Clarks Hill for the day and had a great time.  At the end of it, I guess she decided she didn't want to leave.  So Cute she is. 

A scraplift from Scrapbook Trends.     

The girl again.  I have been going through all my old photos and scrappin them.  When my husband saw this layout, he said "haven't you used that picture on like 4 layouts?".  Yeah I think I need to find a new favorite. 

The sketch I used

Q at Kings Dominion.  He won't let anyone else read the map when we go to any kind of large park.  He takes it over and guides us to all the stuff he wants to see.  Which is cool b/c he always wants to do everything!

It's Final, Finally.  Aaron graduated!!!!!!  WooHoo.  He had us scared, literally, up to the last minute but he walked across the stage and picked up his high school diploma.  He is talking college for the first time ever but I don't know.  He and school.  Icebergs and Beaches.  Seriously.  One day he will be ready but that day ain't tomorrow.  So proud of him for how hard he worked.

I will end this chatty, picture happy post with my favorite photo of my boys.  We took this in Atlantic City. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a fantastic Monday!

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Timag said...

beautiful family looks lie u guys had a blast. Love how the lord blesses us to be able to do these beautiful things with and for our families.