Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sister and my oldest "baby" were here!  It was so exciting to see them and spend a couple of days lovin on my girls (my baby sister and my daughter) and my sisters adorable kids.  We went shopping, bar-b-q'd, hung out, and visited the National Zoo.  I have said it before and I will say it again, DC has the most amazing FREE attractions! 

The little guy was so thrilled with the snake his brothy found.  It is crazy how excited we all were for him to see it.  We just all love him to pieces.  Aaron is already talking about how he is going to fly him to wherever he is to visit during the summer.  Sigh.  Yet one more person for me to lose him to during his ever shortening summer break.

Now my Mom in law, nephew and two nieces are visiting till the weekend and needless to say, I am busy every second.  No craft time at all.  These little girls have me worn out by the time bath time is over and their bed time is here.  Good golly, little ones are exhausting (and extremely chatty!).  Just wanted to stop by for a few minutes and say hello.  Off to take advantage of the metro and some more of the free attractions available!

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