Thursday, August 17, 2017

Soft Colors And Black Backgrounds

Aaaahhhhh soft colors.  They are so calming and pretty.  Perfect for baby pages, romantic pages and dreamy pages.  Also perfect for bold and daring subjects too, right?  Maybe it's not the first color palette that you reach for when you are creating an amusement park or brightly colored birthday party page but soft colors can create just the right setting for pages that need to make a bold statement without losing any of the drama that you would have gotten from using bolder hues.  

I'll be playing with soft colors in a few different ways and really exploring how this girl who loves bold color can tone it down without losing any of the drama that the more intense color palettes bring.  

Part of my motive for playing with softer tones is a change in the colors that designers are using.  I've noticed more navy instead of black, pale orange instead of red and light chartreuses in the place of bright yellows.  There are still plenty of brightly colored palettes out there however with so many of these beautiful, albeit less intense products begging to be tried out, who am I to say no?

Today's layouts are a mix or dark moody backgrounds and light cheerful ones.

Dark background that I just love!  When that paper arrived from I didn't know what the heck I was going to do with it or why I had bought it.  Gaaaa!!!  But it was so perfect for these photos from Q's grad photo shoot.....

Still in Love with Paige's Pages over at Big Picture Classes.  This is from class 2.  Man is she a fantastic instructor!  I would love to take a class from her in person one day.  And seriously.  This guy washing dishes in his Halloween costume 😍...

And the soft and pretty.  The first is made with my June 2017 Hip Kit which I am plugging away at.  They specialize in soft and pretty.  I stole this photo of my nephew from my sisters facebook page.  I just love it!  It will be framed for my wall.  Love to see his elusive smile:)

And lastly another facebook find:)  My sister and her bestie recently took a girls trip and this is one photo of many that I will be scrapping.  These 2 women have an incredible friendship and I just love them both so, so much.....

Hey it's Thursday!  One more day until the weekend and we plan to have a no do nothing one here.  It's Game of Thrones, Yoga, Snacks for dinner and repeat all. weekend. long.  Thanks for stopping by and see you real soon:)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Events Scrapbook Album

There is so much going on in the world today!  A couple of post ago I talked about my decision to dedicate albums to big family events and world events that I want to record. Forgetting what is happening around me seems an impossible feat but it is truly not.  The news media's frantic jumps from one subject to the next makes it almost impossible to keep up with what is happening in a week much less some time in the future.

I still haven't chosen if I will have a format/criteria for the events I choose but I do know that the stories are going to go hand in hand with the content of our family stories.  Like the story about the eclipse coming this weekend.  Our baby bird is going to take his first big trip by himself to go see it.  This is a huge event as another eclipse like this won't occur for many years and a complimentary event for our family because of this dude going to see it all by himself.  Fear and all.  He is nervous about traveling by car for 8 hours on his own.  My husband and I are nervous about letting him.    

Guess what my second story will be for my family album, lol:)  Not him making it back safely from his trip but dropping him off at college at the end of the month and my husband and I not being full time parents for the first time in almost 30 years!  What a change it is going to be!!  We adore our children and have never felt that having kids around has changed how we lived in a negative or restrictive way.  It is going to be interesting to see how we feel this time next year.  Besides missing him that is.

My space is so clean right now!  When I came down this morning it was a disaster area from the last project I was working on.  That is so not my norm!  I usually clean up after every project and before closing up shop at the end of the night.   I just did a major clean/move/organize and find myself spending time tweaking my space every day.  But not the last time I was here.  I left this mess.....

Thankfully I got this place together enough to create a little something to share today....

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hump Day😊

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mixed Media Backgrounds and Such

Nothing is better to perfectly accent a page than a beautiful mixed media background!  A bold statement I know but IF the background is done right, it almost acts as a map for your embellishments and photos.  A great background makes your work easier when it comes to accessorizing a page too.  Accents definitely don't have to be paper or embellishment to be effective at showcasing the photos and not much is more fun than splashing and splattering paint....  

Mixed media doesn't have to be messy, spattered randomness either.  The background above was created with watercolors from a tube, colored pencil, gamsol and a stencil that I cut with my silhouette.  Only the watercolor part was messy.  VERY messy:)

In my last post, I talked about starting a separate album for my family events.  It occurred to me that some decisions needed to be made about that.  1 - Did I want to pull all of my event pages from past albums to put into the new system?  2 - Am I going to do a monthly page that recaps all of the little things that add up to a big picture of what is going on in our family?  3 - What constitutes a big event? and finally 4 - Will this album be stored with the rest or left out for everyone to see?

The answer is that I'm going to start where i'm at (with a blank album and no restrictions) and live with the album for a little bit before I start tearing up my albums or forcing myself to create a strict list of events and happenings.  Obviously weddings, graduations and babies will be included but the rest I will play by ear. 

Thankfully I have been creating during my blog hiatus so I have a ton of pages to share as the travel quiets down and our schedules return to normal.  Most of the photos that we took this year were taken with our cell phones so the quality is not so good.  Especially mine:)  My husband and daughter are geniuses with anything camera you put in their hands!  Me not so much.  

My girls came to visit and we did a ton of stuff! Like going to the butterfly conservatory. They so wanted a butterfly to land on them and I so didn't so guess who got the creepy little critter to land?  This is us right before we headed inside......

Hello June Hip Kit.  I am only halfway through it and July + August are here and waiting:( But I do love this page of my little lovely in the sculpture garden.....

Stashbuster:)  Us at King's Dominion.  And it looks like we have a new reader and our old reader isn't too happy about it lol.  Backstory.  Since he was little my son would always read the maps wherever we went (that's him making the face) and now it looks like Gabby has the job (she's holding the map smiling).....

That's it for me today.  I know.  Another super long post.  But I haven't been blogging for what feels like forever and have really missed it.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Capturing The JOY of Color

There are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately when I'm thinking about my scrapbooking.  The first thing is not mind boggling or some deep abstract idea about the who, what, when or why of creating but simply how big an impact color makes in all of my design choices.  From the color albums that I use to the embellishments accenting my pages, color is the first and last thing that I think about.  

Color.  Beautiful color.  It sets the stage for how my story is going to be told and in my opinion white cardstock is the perfect partner to a bright, bold and colorful page like this one about one of my sweet girl.....

The other thing I've been thinking about is how I tell my stories.  Or rather how I arrange the stories that I've told in my albums and which stories I have failed to tell at all.  Our family has had some big things happen to us over the years.  Some good, some not so good.  But if I wanted to find the stories I would have to dig through 20 albums and hundreds of pages to take a look at how I documented them.  Yikes!!  

Some really big things have also been happening in the world that I have completely left out of my albums.  To be fair I've only ever made one or two pages to document any world event.  That has to change because the things that are happening in the world around me shape and define who I am and who my loved ones are.  Recently my nieces were visiting and they wanted to know where I was when 911 happened.  It struck me that while I remember that day very clearly right now, I won't always.  What to do?  

It's so easy to answer the question of what to do.  Two albums.  One for family events and one for world events.  

Every month I'm going to look for specific stories to tell and make a page to go into each of the albums.  When there is not story to tell, I won't make a page.  This isn't going to be a mandate but an improvement.  My biggest goal with scrapbooking is to make sure that my kids have answers about who they were, who we are as a family and how we feel about/see each other.  

Because I want the albums to stand out I picked gold ones:)

My dad and I often have conversations about what things were like when he was growing up and what our family was like when I was young.  Some things I remember but others I have no clue about.  We have photos but my parents moved a lot and many of their pictures didn't make it!  I'm lucky that they kept up with my birth certificate:)  That knowledge gap is going to end for us at least for as long as I scrapbook!  

A long post I know but I'm going to end with a layout share:)  

My baby sister and her family bought their first home!  So happy for them:)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I'll Be Late An Hour Earlier

This is what my son told me the other day and he seems to think that it is a perfectly reasonable college aged man explanation for his issues with time.  Really?  What does that even mean!!!???  He explained thus:  "it's not the actual clock time that makes me late but the passage of time.".  Still.  What?????

I am really going to miss this dude:)

Long time no blog!  I have been so busy traveling, entertaining and enjoying the last little bit of time with my little guy before he leaves home to start his life.  It's getting real folks...

One part of me is full of excitement for the next phase and the other part of me feels like I will no longer be a mother because all of my children are on their own.  Unreasonable and untrue but feelings are not always sensible are they?  Anywho, moving on before the tears begin!

There has been very little time to create but I have managed to carve out a few pockets so I do have some pages to share this week.  The photo sorting project that I started at the beginning of the year is plugging along very slowly.  But because of it, I have managed to dig up some favorite photos and use them on a few pages.  All but the last photos is 5 or more years old.

Love this one of these 2 lifetime sidekicks.....

A recent photo of this little guy showing off all of his personality.  So grateful to have spent time with him this summer:)  I used this sketch from pagemaps....

as the basis for the design (loosely).  Patterned papers, sewing and stamping added some flair.  The photo was not a good one and didn't represent any specific event.  What it did do for me is to remind me of what a spunky little guy Ethan is and I love how it fits this page.....

This next page is also based on a sketch.....

My mother-in-law had never traveled far from home until we started taking her on vacations and trips with us.  She loves it now and you can see it in the photo of her below.  We were in Mexico?  maybe.  I'll have to remember to look it up and add it to the back with the journaling before the page gets put away.  I wish that I had about 40 more sheets of that old, old, old club scrap map paper.....

 Probably my favorite page of the day is this one inspired by Jessy Christopher.  I found her layout on the Crate Paper blog and knew that I had to scraplift it!  The design was perfect for these fun photos of my nephews!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me during my long blogging break!  I plan to start posting much more regularly now that i'm back!  Happy Tuesday and see you soon.😊