Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have got to get out of this bad blogging habit. I really miss it when I don't blog everyday. I feel as if I am going to forget something important. This blog really is serving a lot of purposes for me
-communication with my family. Even though I talk to them all regularly, they still read my blog.
-recording the everyday silly things that are so easily forgotten. I try to scrapbook the things that we do daily as well as our large events and big milestones, but some things still fall through the cracks. Blogging keeps it simple and fresh.

-updates on my business. Since my biz is my new baby, this blog is really a record of how it is growing. Last year this time, no one even knew (not even me) about GM but as each day goes by, I get more and more positive feedback, constructive critism and business. Yeah for dreams coming true.

I will be ordering and carrying KaiserCrafts products! I am so excited about this company!!!!! Their products are high quality but affordable. So important in this day and age. Make sure that you drop by the store and check out the new kits that I posted today.
For your favorite furry friend

Latest trip to the zoo

Getting all ready for some tricky halloween fun, pirate style

To celebrate your blissfull love for each other

And last but not least, some projects that I have completed for my family (Love you guys!)

The best gift Q has ever received came from my mom when he was born. 9 years later and he still has it (most of it anyway) and he loves the thing as if it were real. We can't go anywhere without it. I have to take some creative pictures to put on the layout.

My girlies first summer home from college. I think that she was content to be here, I know that it still feels like home to her.

This is from me and C's trip to the mountains. He is such a daredevil. Where was I you ask? I was safe & dry on land!

Q loves games, I found this invitation on my pillow one night when I came home from The Pink House

Street scenes from our trip to NY for the holidays.

And last but not least, my niece when she was a baby

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oops I Did it Again

(Britney Spears chorus). I ran another mile. I drug my sleepy carcass out of bed, threw on my shoes & clothes and sweated for one solid mile! Skinny pants here I come. 2 days down, 12 to go. I say 12 because in order to make something a habit, you have to do it for 2 weeks.

A BIG, BIG shout out to Shaina & Heidi. OMGoodness those girls can scrap! 20 pages in 2 1/2 hour (we spent at least a half an hour yapping and going through the design team stuff). We actually did most of the custom album last night. Shaina (who I found out will open a can of wup a** on you for calling her Shania lol) completed most of the pages and won a fantabulous gift bag. I just have to call her and tell her. What a great day yesterday was. I feel so blessed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cool Weather

Go figure, I blog spotty for 2 months than when I finally do come back, I talk about the weather. What's up with that? The weather is perfect, that's what. Mid 80's, cool breeze, no rain today, need I say more.

I have been cleaning & scrappin my head off. I got a little break from all the shows and finally took a well needed nap. I will post pics tomorrow of some of the new kits & goodies that I have been working on. Love Starbucks coffee? Make sure that you check back in on Friday because I will be posting something extra special for ya.

I took the time today to organize my scraps and to come up with a plan for using them. If it is to small to put a photo on, in the recycle it goes. After 30 days, the whole shebang goes in the recycle. AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Just saying it makes me sceeaarrdd. Let's just see if I do it come October 1st.

We are going to be making some changes in the J household. Spearheaded by the little guy of course. We are going to see how much of our trash we can manage to recycle, compost or reuse instead of sending it to the dump. A smaller, almost miniscule, environmental footprint is where we are headed. Wish us luck (we need it).

No pics today so I figured that I will post some favorite product lines. My husband is in Rome. Rome, lucky dog. If I didn't love him so much I would not be speaking to him right now. He actually got to visit the Cistine Chapel and the Coliseum. Can you imagine seeing Michelangelo's work in person. I would be in awe.

Oh before I forget, I just wanted to mention that I RAN 1 mile today. I finally got off my hocks, laced up my running shoes and made it out the door for a 1 mile run. That deserves a slice of chocolate cake! (just kidding, but I do love my cake). I saw a book in the bookstore that I wanted to get really bad (it was $100 yikes) so I told Q that I needed it like a fat kid needs cake. He thought about it, than made sure to tell me that fat kids don't NEED cake so maybe I should think of another example. Point well taken son, point well taken.

I love this paper! Basic Grey is the best of the best. Just when I think that they are going down (Euphoria), they dazzle & delight me with this craziness!

The best tool ever!

What can I say about Cosmo Crickets Mr. Campy line? Green Clouds. Nuff Said. Love it, love it love it. It gets 2 thumbs up.

Last pic, but not least, is of my hubby. Adore him and today is our 10th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary babe. I was trying to beat him to the punch for once and call him before he called me but wouldn't you know it, I am a lazy a** and he is not so he beat me out of bed this morning! Oh well better luck next year.

I will be updating the store (finally) with some new kits and exclusive Gifted Memories products all this week, so make sure you check in to see what I have up my sleeve! Have a great Tuesday.