Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Can get out of bed.  Finally.  I have been updating my post since last week.  That's why it seems as if I am in a time warp.  Monday perky, Tuesday sick as all get out, Wednesday all better.  So not the real timeline! 

Look at what my oldest caught today. 

This is definitely catch and release.  No matter how much the big doe eyed little guy pleads/begs/cries,
it is NOT staying!!!

Trying to get all the arrangements taken care of for A's leaving home.  Travel plans, packing his things, opening accounts, trying to tell him as much as I can about how things work.  I am so excited for him to get started on his new life.  He is so clueless about what is waiting for him that I think I am going to make him a lifebook with advice from all of us and examples on how to do things like write a check, keep a check register, keep up with his monthly bills, stuff like that.  He has never, ever done it.  How did I learn?  I don't remember.  I guess you just get it cause you have too. 

I am back at school.  Mixed feelings about this as my kids will be out of school soon and I won't. 

My nieces are here for a 2 week visit.  Prayers are much appreciated as it has been a very long time since there were little ones in my full time care!

My most favoritist scrappy project of the moment!  Sparked a million and one ideas!

An Explosion Box!

Thanks so much Ginger for the great comments/suggestions.  Your the best.  And yes, I know that I am late as all get out posting the thank you but I hope you know that it has been ringing in my head since I checked out that website.  Check out the photos I've been taking if you don't believe me lol.  If I say so myself, they are much improved.  I totally surprised myself!

A couple of family photos that I love. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week!  IE Yeah it's hump day!!!!!


Kelsey Waits said...

That explosion box is so cute Shere. You always made cute boxes like that though!

Shere said...

Thanks Kelsey. How are Chris & Ellie? School? Everything? So good to hear from u!

Aminovic said...