Friday, May 2, 2008


I just happened to be looking at some of my old post and noticed that I had received a couple of comments. Oops! Sorry for not replying but I truly did not know that you had posted me some luv. I blog, a lot, and am only shown a few of the post at a time. So if you would like to leave me a comment on an old post, feel free to do so but give me a shout so that I can respond. Ya know I'm like a kid when I see a comment so keep em comin.

Don't have much time today, busy prepping for Memories Expo Jersey (I met some ladies from Jersey at The Pink House Yesterday. Small World. It seems that whenever I have a show, I meet someone from the state I am going to. Last show it was OH & I met someone from OH at The Pink House the week before I left.), CKC Buffalo & NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! So excited about it. I will be at The Pink House most of the day (10-4) but after that, it is back to work!

Here are a more couple Memories Jersey kits.......

Love the colors & the K&Co stickers in the vacation kit.
That is not real notebook paper, there are instructions in the kit on how to make it! Fun & easy!

We did 101 uses for the glimmer mist and I will post some samples this evening or tomorrow. They came out fantabulous, your going to love what you can do with it. Drop by the message board and post your favorite uses. Maybe we can actually get to 101!

Thanks for stopping by & blog you tomorrow.


Lisa said...

I can't wait to see the uses for glimmer mist, I keep buying the stuff and I don't use it!

happy2bscrapper said...

love using my glimmer mist. I color flowers, color chipboard, color die cuts, cardstock, etc. I love it!!!!

Shere said...

Hi Lisa & Elizabeth, thanks for commenting (i'm a little late on ya Lisa, sorry about that). Elizabeth I posted that the 1st six people (that took my class at NJ) to post on the blog would get the giveaway that I intended for class so if you email me your address, I will get your prize in the mail Monday (woohoo, I love winning things). Ladies, you have to try stamping with the glimmer mist! I just sprayed it on my stamp (a flourish one that didn't have a lot of fine detail) & stamped it. It came out very, very nice. Loved it! Have a great weekend and blog you soon.