Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NJ ROCKS!!!!!!!

My staff & I had a fabulous time in NJ! We worked our butts off, but we just had so much fun. Normally I am a nervous wreck (on the inside) when I do classes but the scrappers that took my class were so much fun & so easy going that I was able to really relax & have a bit of fun myself. Being a southern girl thru & thru (yes I say maam when I speak to ladies) I was a bit nervous about being in the big city but I should not have worried at all, traffic was terrific, we found a Boston Market (we need one here) that we ate at every night & on the way out and the Crowne was fabulous. But the best was the people. Everyone was so nice and I truly appreciated that. If you're ever in Charleston, look me up so that I can return the favor!

I managed to slide some giveaways in on a couple of classes but I still missed 2. We literally worked our tails off from the time we walked into class till the time we walked out so to make up for that, if you were in one of my classes that I did not do the giveaways in, leave a comment or email me and I will send you something fabulous. The first 6 people get the prizes. I have pics from class, my husband was shooting away the whole time and as soon as he emails them to me, I will get them posted. Jenny (I hope that you are not J with an ie) from the Pushing Limits class had a fantastic album and I took a picture of it along with a pic of her (she is a total cutie and has the best attitude ever).

I have been very lazy since I got back. I think I was trying to come down with a bug so I slept all day yesterday and most of the day today so I have not gotten one single project done. When we got to NJ the weather was in the high 70's but the last 2 days were rainy & cold. But I am going back to work tomorrow and will get a challenge up along with a page or two. I will also be posting some new kits in the store and the newsletter will go out on Friday.

Back to unpacking. Have a wonderful evening and Curtis, Jean & I all really appreciate the hospitality that you showed us while in NJ. Maybe he will quit his day job and start traveling around the country with me. hmmmmm Thanks for dropping by and blog you later.


happy2bscrapper said...

Glad that you enjoyed your trip to NJ. Hope that you return next year. I was in your Saturday morning Something Old, Something New Class......I did enjoy the class. It is always fun to play with things in a different way.

Shere said...

Thanks Elizabeth and thanks for the kind words on the CK message board. I will definitely be back next year & have already started planning my classes (chipboard & glimmer mist yum!). Have a great weekend and happy scrapping.

happy2bscrapper said...

I love chipboard and glimmer mist, can't wait!!!!!