Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have an extraordinarily busy day today. Whew, I am tired already. So why am I blogging you might be asking, well I don't know, I just couldn't help myself. Here's my Tuesday to-do list:

  • homework for Web & Bus class

  • study for Acc test tomorrow (and boy do I need it! Have I mentioned that I can't count?)

  • laundry

  • dishes

  • finishing touches on class samples & get em in the mail

  • work on developing new class for a new assignment

  • mow the lawn (where's the boy when you need him? I am only doing the front today!)

  • Pay bills & mail (Yuck! I wish I could get paid and have the cosmos pay my bills so I could spend all my money on clothes, eating out, coffee & scrapbooking)

  • finish moving furniture in boys room

  • take couch to the dump (that's been on my list for months now)

  • clean my bathroom (maybe move that to tomorrow)

  • CHA reservations

  • camping reservations

  • baby shower cards for my sister

  • etc, etc (ie stuff that I need to do but won't do today lol)

What's on your list?

Man, it is absolutely gorgeous today! Hot, but georgeous. I even took a photo for you.........

Have a great day and blog you later!

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