Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Leave The TV On

when you go to bed or you will find yourself waking up at 4:30 am and end up blogging an hour later!

A "nice" note my girlie left me on FB

#1-"I found you woman!"
*when I told her I had a FB account she didn't believe me so she called and asked me which community? I was in. Communi what I said. She called me back and 1st asked me if I was sure I had an account than said that she could not find me anywhere. A couple days later I got this*

#2 - I didnt send you a friend request thank you very much. What would make you think that I would want you snooping around on my page? Hmmm? You might get a few shockers lol. But thank you, I wouldn't be beautiful if it wasnt for you. Come on you ARE my mother : )"
*I got this in reply to the very cute note I left her about how hard she was going to have to work to get me to accept her as a friend. How sweet is my girl. Reminds me of that candy commercial for the sweet & sour gummys

Cathleen Smith (met her in one of my classes, she was great) is an Rusty Pickle Amazing Race Finalist. Congrats Cathleen, your work is fantastic. I have to go check out the clues at noon.

My boys are gone. Did not realize how quiet my house would be or how much I would miss having them around. They are having fun at my brothers and when I called, my little guy did not even want to slow down & talk to me. Oh well I have to face reality, he is not my baby any more.

Off to do homework. Will probably go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

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