Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Madness

Monday should just be renamed Madness. Everything that needs to happen seems to get scheduled on a Monday. Is it because folks are trying to finish everything early so that they can get their weekends started on the right note? I don't even know but I tell you what, mine was jam packed!
  • 2 showings of the house
  • dental appt for both boys
  • make dental appt for girl (when exactly will she start doing this herself?)
  • bills & budgeting
  • deposits to be made
  • getting rid of old furniture & a box of magazines (should have been 2 but I couldn't cope with parting)
  • cleaning the back porch (involved a long brush, soapy water, a broom and moving furniture)
  • tying up loose ends before my new classes start
  • follow up phone calls for my sb classes
  • groc store visit (do I have to go every single day? Why do I set aside a day for shopping?)
  • reserving camp sites
  • cooking dinner
  • arrangements to pick up the girl & get her fin aid for next semester situated
  • laundry (washing, folding & putting away)
  • sorting the boys clothes (don't fit, unfit, & just plain not clean but in drawers anyway)
  • vacuuming (Lord it takes about an hour to just vacuum the upstairs & down)
  • deep cleaning the bathroom (must make the boy bathe in his bathroom!)
  • washing dishes
  • calling family
  • and about 6 more things
  • eat (Had popcorn, does that count?)
  • Blog Hop
  • Cuss at Facebook

My time is all gone but at least it was productive. How was your Monday?

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Michelle D. said...

wow... I missed a few days checking your blog & boy did I need more than a few minutes to catch up! Love that you're going back to school, too. We'll show those youngsters a thing or two.

So you think you can dance? I'm totally there! lol

2 showings? How'd they go? Tire kickers or some real interest?