Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Finished

the homework that I started at 12pm. This school stuff is no joke. I haven't worked this hard since Q was a baby. My brain is fried!

Very Good News! I talked to Jodie and I will be teaching 3 classes at Scrap 'n' Stamp in Jacksonville, Florida next month. I used to visit this store all the time when I lived there. I will be teaching:
  • The Apron Class
  • Being Myself 6X6 Mixed Media Album
  • The Glimmer Project Mixed Media Album
I love all three of these classes and was very happy when Jodie said she wanted them. I should be posting a few pics of the samples this week before I get them in the mail.

I will also be teaching a new paper bag album in Columbia in July. I will post some pics of that tomorrow.

My dad is doing fine. I just want to say thanks for keeping him in your prayers. My girlie emailed me some pics of him. He just bought a new mule and was completely annoyed that he could not go and plow with him over the weekend. He plows the old fashioned way and let me tell you, it is hard work being pulled behind a mule! It is one of the reasons he stays so thin. He is probably the most active man I know. He picked me a bag full of fresh cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and squash (my favorite!). I am waiting for the boys to come back before I cook them. The horse at the bottom is the one that threw him last year and almost killed him. My husband said that that horse would have been glue but my dad (with a punctured lung, broken collarbone and everything else) refused to go to the hospital till he was sure the horse was safe and not hurt. He is one amazing man.

I did this layout of Q and just realized that I left the "e" off of Dude. Duh! Still love the layout though. I went back and added the "e" in the second lo (ps, excuse the mess in the background of the 1st pic)

I will be going to CHA! I am so excited. Beyond excited. This is my first time going and I am going to try to take a ton of classes and look at lots of paper & stuff. Should I get a purple boa & tiara?


ronee said... will be in Jacksonville...when and where..You know I live about twenty minutes from downtown....i need details..and I can see if i can drop in!
email me

ronee said...

and you are going to CHA...I will be there