Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shane Declared War

This is all that I heard this weekend. When I asked Q what he wanted to do his reply was "I have to stay home because Shane declared war." His friends came over to help him do his chores so that he could help out with the war. Before he ran off to the front lines, he assured me told me this "don't worry mommy, I won't let anything crazy happen." I love these kids sense of imagination and love of adventure. I hope that he never forgets that anything can happen if you just believe!

A has a job now. We were hoping that she would be able to get through college without working but alas, she has got to eat.

Been working on a lot of projects but not taking the time to post pictures. Maybe next week will be better.

Hope that everyone is having a fantastic day and blog you later!

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Michelle said...

too funny. i love having a son!