Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Cold As

a witches' tit in a brass bra (as one of my bestest friends used to say very regularly about the state of the ac in our dorm). 21 degrees when we got home last night and apparantly our heat is stuck on 65! I am not a 65 degree type gal. I need that blasted unit to give up at least 8 more degrees. Had plans to go to the movies, library and somewhere else that I can't remember but it's super windy outside and my studio (with space heater) and bed are calling me. Ok whine session over.

Have been making something everyday. So, so happy with myself. I would put out there what I am working on but it does not seem to motivate me to finish when I do that so I will keep it to myself. But I did do this......

No photos yet b/c I haven't received all my Christmas photos back yet.  I have the perfect ones in mind.  We roasted marshmallows and I have some really cute pics of my niece eating hers. 

I think I've had my facebook account for about a year and am still a total no show there. No pictures, no posts, no comments, no nothing. But I received an email saying that a friend that I haven't seen in ages wrote on my wall. Checked it out and he actually wished me a happy birthday. I can't believe he remembered! He always was a very, very sweet man and his wife was CRAZY to let him go!!!!!! I just hope that means that there is another woman that is worthy of him waiting in the wings. Anywho, my prince charming will be here on Tuesday and I can't wait. I truly miss him and the holidays did not feel the same with him gone. I believe this is the first or second holiday in 14 years that we have not spent together.

I went to Target yesterday to process some of my photos and duh, I left the darn memory card in my busted, only want to work occasionally card reader. DITTTZZZYYYY I have been lately. Maybe it's because my better half is gone.

It's 12pm and where is my piggy?

Still in bed. What???? He is gonna be a real pill on Monday when he has to get up at 6:30 and it is 25 degrees outside. So not looking forward to that.

I haven't posted in ages so I will apologize in advance for being super chatty today.  My daughter, sister & her kids and my niece came here for Christmas and it was so much fun.  I wish they could have stayed even longer.  We did so much!!!!  And had a wonderful time. On Christmas day I thought that the kids would be homesick but they loved it.  We opened gifts, we played in the snow, we watched movies, we took naps, we played with the kids toys, we..... well you get the picture, we did a whole bunch of nothing! We did not even cook because we had plans to go to Old Country Buffet and enjoy a home cooked southern meal that we did not cook ourselves (or wash any dishes for). We loaded the kids in the car, agreed on our plan to eat greedily, sit back and chat for an hour or so, eat greedily again than come home stuffed to the gills and go for a walk (not! it's cold outside) nap, nap and nap. We pull up and were so happy that it didn't seem crowded at all. Uh, that's because it was CLOSED. What the heck! Closed you must be kidding me, I did not buy any food to cook for Christmas dinner and it is now 4pm. My brother told me that it was packed last Christmas what is going on. Closed. The universe stricks again. Plan B. Sit in the parking lot and call restaraunts in the area till we find one that is open. Finally, Ruby Tuesday answered the phone. Not southern but food. Not buffet but salad. And we had the place to ourselves. Great food, lots of laughs and we managed to still get stuffed.

I managed to steal some photos of our vaca from my girls facebook page

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