Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can U Say Bar Fight?

Finally got to see my sister and we had date night with her and her husband, my bil and his girlfriend.  We had a great time!!!!! First we had dinner at Fogo de Chao.  Best restaraunt I have ever eaten at.  Well worth the big bucks we dropped that night.  The service was incredible, the food was incredible, the drinks were incredible, in a word, Incredible.

(yes the waiters dressed like that)

Than we went to

(you have to ask me about the beer joke, it was too, too funny)

to see

(Yeah folks, he looked just like that, except drunker lol.  To his credit, he was funny as hell!)

and this is where it got interesting.  Mike was drunk/high off his a$$ and about 1/2 way thru his show, he started repeating jokes for like the 6th time.  The crowd was pissed!!!!!!!  Than Mike got pissed.  Than the B word started flying.  And than I was ready for the bar fight.  Haven't seen one of those in about 20 years.  Not a good one at least.  You know what i'm talkin bout.  A real down & dirty, chairs flyin, shoes & earrings coming off, hold my purse girl bar fight.  But it turned out to be a classy joint and Mike sobered up enough to end his routine before it got past the name calling and we came home. 

Seriously, A great night

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