Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Husband and The Boys Are Going

To the pet store.  Right now.   To get one of these......

Something that I vowed he would never get.  Why did I cave.  Because these are much better to stomach than the fat green catepillars that he has adopted as a pet.  He has been catching them in the yard and they crawl all over him, he hand feeds them (completely gross by the way), takes them out into the  yard for excercise and has himself convinced that he taught the last one to play dead.  Yeah, I know.  Disgusting.  But the last straw was when I came inside and found the nasty thing on the dining room table. 

So, needless to say, they are on the way to buy the boy a proper pet.  Complete with little rolling ball thing.



missusem said...

Oh girl.. hamsters.. yikes. I had one as a child and seriously, they're not better than green crawlies.. Don't want to make you feel worse but well, just be prepared for the err.. smell? :( Good luck!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Julie Kelley said...

We had them growing up too, we LOVED them!!! You'll have to post pics... I still have a hard time passing them by in the pet store :) but I'm pretty sure that our cat would just think we got him a yummy snack... so no hamsters for us :(

Shere said...

Thanks for the well wishes! We are all warming up to her (ie me. the rest of them were in love with her b4 they even got her to the house). We have a cage cleaning plan that will hopefully banish any nasty odors. The little guy has already asked if he can have another one. So greedy! lol.