Friday, August 6, 2010

Meet Mia

she's hiding bc I scared her.  she is still very jumpy & shy.

Not as cute as I thought she would be (red eyes, huge) but still cute.

She is huge!  As big as the dog I would have considered getting.

Can't stop calling her "your creature" (she has red eyes for goodness sake! I thought that was a sign of being either possessed or drunk.).

Am itching and scratching but I think the "allergy" is all in my head.  And so is the flea infestation. 

I sniff everytime I go upstairs because I really expect her to smell.  Can you safely & economically clean their cages 2x a day?

All of that aside, the little guy is the happiest kid in the world right now so I think we will keep her.  He is so gentle with her and afraid that if he picks her up wrong he will hurt her.  Adorable.  I really love that kid.

I finally finished something scrappy.  Q loves to cook and on Thanksgiving last year he was allowed to cook 2 dishes all by his lonesome.  He did great! He made bacon wrapped shrimp and peach spritzer (no wine).  The peach flavored simple syrup he made from scratch.  It was lovely.  I made bread - I love to make homemade bread btw.  I get insanely happy when we let milk go sour and a few years ago, I had a beautiful sourdough starter that I had to get rid of when we moved.  It takes years to get a starter great! anyway back to the story, sorry for the OT - and he was like a puppy begging to help me.  So here he is rollin dough. 

I got my SC kits yesterday.  I had to run it downstairs so the hubby wouldn't see it and start asking a whole bunch of questions that he really didn't want the answer to.  Now the hubby is at work and I finished my last class yesterday soooooooo

I am going to play and play and play.  All.  Day.  My plan is too use August pagemaps and the entire contents (every little piece!) of the SC kits.  Wish me luck.  I will post my results (good or bad) tomorrow! But I can tell you today that my favorites in the kit were

The date stamp.  *sorry about the pic being so crappy*

Jenni Bowlin yellow butterflies

and finally the girls' paperie die-cuts.  Love, love, love the clocks.  Would have bought this just for them!

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Queen of Paper said...

What a fun post. We have two mini hamsters and I just love them :)
CUTE layout too!