Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I haven't posted for awhile. I have had a lot going on, all of it personal. I have made so many changes. My husband and I have been forced to live apart for almost 2 years now because of the housing market, economy, whatever and it has been tough. I have had to make some decisions that I put off making when I should have and that has been tough. These last 2 years have really taken a toll on our family. The time apart stress our marriage and his relationship with the kids. For the past few weeks, I really was not sure if we would survive, but God is good and he let us know in no uncertain terms that we made a commitment (#1) and we really do need each other. Giving up is not an option.

It is tough but we finally decided to take a leap of faith and move the family to where my husband is. Not just a decision, but we have taken steps. We have a move date of October 1st. That is when the beautiful moving guys will come and start packing up our stuff. Have I mentioned how much I love moving guys? If you have ever moved, you know why. My husband does not have to worry about a movie star or a pool boy when I start going thru my midlife in about 20 years. He has to worry about one of those guys in a truck that has the word "Movers" painted on the side. lol. Anywho, I got way off track. I am excited to move and really excited to move to DC. My hubby loves it there and can't wait to get us there so that we can really enjoy the city together. The boys are excited that they get 2 weeks out of school. The girl is excited that finally, she gets to move to the city (when she grads of course). I have a line on 10 houses to look at renting and we have narrowed the neighborhoods down to about 5.

I am in my second semester of school and managed to finish my first up with a 4.0! I love, love, love, heart, love being in school. I took Economics this semester (hate, hate, hate) along with 4 other classes.

I will be teaching online but am going to post a different entry about that. I have closed Gifted but am working on something else that I feel will fit my needs better.


ronee said...

evolution in ones personal life is such a struggle..living apart is the hardest thing a family has to deal with! congrats on surviving!
i love you.

Michelle said...

Happy to hear that you are moving your family together physically and emotionally. My husband and I haven't been apart physically but we are certainly living a long distance relationship. Marriage and family are hard enough and then we pile on top work, school, etc and wonder why it's so hard. I'm waking up a bit myself to the thump of God on my head... "you can't do it without me!"

Congrats on the move. (yeah, there is just something special about watching a man lift heavy objects!)Please let me know if you need/want anything. Be sure to come hang out with us as much as you can stand before you head up north. :)