Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Terrible Tenant

Dear terrible tenant,

It has been horrible working with you.  Not only have you not paid rent for 3 months, you trashed my house!  Although I could never wish a family not have a place to go, I feel very, very sorry for anyone that would put a roof over your head.  The last 2 days have been a nightmare that neither me, my husband or my children will ever forget.  I had assured my husband that even though you had no honor with the payment of your rent, you would not destroy our home.  When I handed you the keys, the place was in close to new condition.  When I walked in the door on Saturday, I was speechless!  Dog feces and urine dried in the carpets, dog urine on the walls, dried food on the wall in half the rooms, chewed gum on the floor, moldy tubs and showers, black with grime tubs and sinks, windows yellow with grime and dog drool, rabbit? pellets over an inch high in the closet upstairs, busted cabinet doors, busted stove (that had not been cleaned since I handed the house over to you.  It is a self clean oven, all you had to do was push the buttom before you left home in the morning and it would have been clean when you got back!), animal food beneath the carpets, all of the doors damaged.  Every inch of the home has to be painted.  I have never in my life seen so much dog hair, did you ever vacuum?  It took my entire family 2 days to clean the home!  I just really do not know what else to say.  Such a shame that your little ones have to live like that!  I never in my wildest dreams would have believed that you lived this way. 

 If you read this post, my request would be that you have respect for the home you are living in now and for the person that is kind enough to rent it to you!

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