Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sweet Little Babies.....

I love them.  They are so, so loveable.  I think that most people agree that babies are the bee's knees and even if you don't particularly like children, you can always find something to love about a baby. 

Not only do I love babies, I love making baby albums.  I have made so many over the years that I have lost count.  Some I sell, some I keep and some I give away to my favorite little babies momma's:)

My latest album was based on an adorable album that I found at ACMoore.  I purchased 2 of them and proceeded to take an obscene amount of time to make matching boy/girl albums.  For some reason my mojo ebbed sporadically with this album and I would finish a spread and have to come back to it later (at one time, I didn't come back for a month! What!!!).  But I really love the end result and hope that whoever purchases them (they are both up for sale on ebay starting tonight) loves them just as much. 


It is so bright and colorful and full of handmade embellishments and special touches.  So much fun to make!  My favorite part of the album, hands down, is the amount of space for journaling and photos.  I will post up pics of the girl album tomorrow but until then, thanks for stopping by and have a great Tuesday!
We had our first major snow storm yesterday and it is so beautiful out!!! I will also post pics of that tomorrow too......

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