Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bringing My Scrapbook Page Titles To Life

I've found that making my titles a living breathing part of my scrapbook page is not just about making it bigger or more colorful.  It's about making it an actual part of the page and a part of the story.  

Yep.  It's just that simple.  

It's also not mandatory for a great title to contain Thickers, stamps or die-cutting machines either.  The title for this page was super simple but it works so well on this page because it mimics how my husband and I are posing in the photo.  A standard letter sticker title would not have been as good for this page because, well,  it's what I always do!  This way I get a little color along with a word arrow that points right at us......  

This page has a super fun title that mimics how much fun we had this particular Christmas Eve.  Our oldest kids weren't with us so we had to send them photos and facetime with them.  They wanted us looking surprised, specific angles, etc.  The title tells when we are and the subtitle tells what we are and why.  I bounced them around the page a little but made sure to mat all of the "title" pieces on red cardstock so that they stood out together.  All of my supplies came from November 2016's Hip Kit....

Paige Evans is a scrapbook machine!  I love her "Paige's Pages" class over on Big Picture Classes!  This page is from her 3rd in that series.  I love the font of this title.  I love the big snowflake.  I love the subtle shine & wrinkle of the letters in the title.  Pure title joy and nothing dead about it.....

My dad is the BEST!  Whenever you see him, it is always surrounded by his kids or his grandkids.  He's amazing and one of the most loving and giving men I have ever met.  Whenever I talk to him and ask him what he's doing, it's most likely helping someone.  When I was doing this page, I wanted the stars to help the title.  Boy did they!  Came out so much better than I thought it would but Dad, seriously, we've got to get you to start looking at the camera!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Thursday:)

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