Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boy oh Boy

That boy of mine. The little guy that is. He is such a character! Here is a small sampling of some of the things that he does:
  • He has been so excited to go back to school that he has been waking up early. In fact, he woke me up at 3:30 yesterday for a hot breakfast.
  • I went back to sleep after he left this morning and when I got up, the front door was standing wide open. I have been chasing flies ever since.
  • He refuses to wear bug spray, even though he is very sensitive to bug bites. Several times he has been in misery over the chiggers in his underpants but I still have to tell him everyday.
  • He fancies himself the next Jeff Corwin so no animal no matter how poisionous or dangerous is off limits to his little bit of "research". I am in terror of what he will find everytime he goes outside.
  • He hates his shoes. As soon as he gets home from school he takes them off and tracks down his flip flops. Anyone know how to clean grubby little boy toes? I have tried everything.
  • He is an absolute cutey patooty but is covered in scars. Everytime I ask him how he hurt himself, he usually says "I don't know" and goes right back to what he's doing at the time. Huge goose egg in the center of his forehead, no clue. Gash on his foot, didn't even know about it. Tons of scratches on his arms, face & legs, no idea

Sigh. Oh well, what's a mom to do? It also turns out that I have not ruined Aaron for life through my home school efforts and he is actually enjoying school & doing quite well. Hurrayy!!!!!


ronee said...

Happy to hear that Aaron has transition nicely! I am fear filled that when I "release" tyra back to the wild it will be a huge issue. Here's hoping! As for unknown scars and messy toes..i really think it is that #3 child. I promise I can barely keep up with Nanea! SIGH! Happy to hear that your world has been returned to normal..minus the 3 am wake up calls! OH the overrated hot breakfast..something ONLY my #3 child request! I am glad to hear that my life is not the only one in adjustment! OH did I tell you that I will be at inspired! Helping Bill and Donna out...I can't wait!
miss yah girlie!

Debby said...

Shere, it's Debby....would you email me I have an important question. DeborahL591@pbtcomm.net

Michelle said...

Hi Honey, glad to see you're back at the blog. (I know I have a lot of catching up to do myself!) Continuing to love all that you do for The Pink House. Hope your weekend is good. FYI: Mom rocked our packed Hurricane Party Crop! I was surprised, but we had a full house on Friday & Saturday since Hanna headed north/east. See tomorrow?