Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Time No See

It has been a minute since I have last posted. I didn't think that anyone would notice but alas, I have been chastised several times from friends that would like to see what I am up to. It has been busy & I have been traveling a lot. I have a new hat, Design Team Coordinator for Scrappin at the Pink House. Love the ladies on that team they are so talented! Love the Pink House it absolutely rocks! My kids will be back in school next week and I will be a homeschool mom no more. I miss my boys already. No more lazy summer days or time at the pool/beach/whatever. They have travelled with me to my last few shows and have been so very cool to work with. My big guy runs my booth while I am in class and my little guy helps (he even tells every one that stops by "thank you, please come again"). So for every that told me that my boys were the best, thank you so much, but it is not my fault! lol. God always knows what he is doing and he gave me terrific sons because I would probably have had a nervous break down years ago if he had not. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me know that you like me blog! Have a great evening!!!!!!


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ronee said...'re back
happy to see you!