Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello Friends

A couple of the snowed in projects that I have been working on.  Sorry for the crappy photos.  I would like to blame it on the lighting but I can't.  It is just me.  Hope you enjoy anyway. 

I found the directions to make the easel card on split coast stampers.  Hello, I love that site!!!!!

This is a candle that I made and love.  I keep it in my living room and am so happy with how it turned out.  And it was made with scraps even (except for that large, gorgeous blue flower).

I've been making baby cards.  I made 3 boy ones and 3 girl ones.  I can never make the same design twice so they are all different.  Looking at it here, it looks a little plain and I think I will add some ribbon or something to it.  After that, I just need to find some folks that are making babies to send them to, hmmmm. 

CJ and I plan to actually go out on V-day so I made this for the pics I know he is going to take:

(see that heart?  That is a throooooowback EKSuccess shaker box from way back)

It is unbelievable how much snow we have gotten!  I am one happy girl.  Aaron & I shovelled the drive and the walk yesterday and had to dig the car out.  When I say dig, I mean that the car was buried up to the door handles and there was 3 feet of snow on top of it!  Can you say what the heck?  I am used to the snow in the south that is here today and gone in one hour.  Not here I tell you.  Wait till you see the photos of the parking lots and side streets.  They don't have anywhere to put the snow in the parking lots so there are mounds that are about 12 ft high in the larger lots.  Unbelievable.  We are definitely going to get one of these babies! 
Every now and than, I will stalk my daughters facebook page.  Look what I found when I was looking at her pictures.  I adore my baby brother and he is so good with all his nieces and nephews.  My daughter spends a lot of time at his place when she is in town.  I can't wait to scrap this!

Sorry about the long post.  Gotta go finish the sidewalk before we leave for the movies. Going to see Avatar (again).  Best movie we've seen in a long time!

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