Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Camera

I definitely want one but the cost of the one I want is a little steep right now.  This is what I have and it is a pretty good camera. 

This is what I want and it is not "cheap" enough for me to justify just going out and getting it (oh to be a Oprah's child at this moment).......
So I started digging around on the web and found a few websites that "teach" you to take better pics (I am totally unsure that I am able to be taught to take good photos, Ronee tried her best, hence the waiting on a pricier camera) and am going to give the learning experience a new try. 

My lessons seem to be starting with the snow picks I have been promising my girl.  She is in SC and sent me snow pics of her own.  Global Warming?  I have never seen the south get that much snow and I have met a ton of northerners that say the amount of snow we are getting is CRAZY not normal.  Where is Al Gore?  I have a couple of questions for him.  The first one will be about the slow death of my favorite hairspray because everylady was trying to save the ozone layer by not using it.  Ok, i'm rambling, just a little.  Anywho, here are a few pics my girl (and anyone else that wants to take a looksie).  The first one is of our backyard.  That fence is almost 6ft tall and the bird bath is approx 3.   


We had to dig a path to the trash cans because the snow just sucks you under and you can't walk.  Trust me, Q's shoe is in there somewhere. 

A project that I have been working on.  Now that the girl is no longer at home, whenever I come across a picture of her I get very nostalgic.  I always wanted a little girl, from the time I was a little girl I have dreamed of what she would be like and my little girl is exactly what I imagined her to be.  No less know than when I dreamed of her before she was born.  So that is what the title and the journaling mean.

Nothing is glued down and I still have to add the title and finalize where I want to put things, my journaling, etc.  But so far eatz goood for me.  Check out Christine Middlecamp's blog for a tutorial on the border.  She is so creative and it was so fun to make. 

I got a the book "Snow and Ashes" as a gift and read it in a week.  That was a few years ago.  I was a little lost in some places and since I never read the descriptions at the front of the book, didn't realize that it was because this was the last book in a series of 6.  There were 5 more that I hadn't read!  Was at BAM and found the whole series.  Of course I bought them all and will spend the next few years of my life reading them b/c they are all about 3" thick.  I never, ever reread a book but am going to make an exception with Snow & Ashes.   If you would like to read the series and are willing to wait for me to finish them, I will happily mail them to you.  I am halfway thru the first one (Outlander) and have been staying up till all hours of the night to read it.  Consider yourself warned!


I also ordered these 2 little beauties and intend to spend the next year doing all the challenges and projects.   Can't wait for them to get here.  Wish me luck! 


Sorry (again) that it's so long.  Gotta run, late for class. 


marype said...

Hi, I am from Guam. It is always summer here and enjoyed looking at your pictures of all that snow! It has been unusually cool here recently. We get the air from Japan and our nights may get down to 68 degrees! Be sure to post a pic of yourself since you already put one up of your brother and neice.
Have a great day! And God love you.
PS My blogs are consumer related comments here on Guam, USA.

Shere said...

Hi, thanks for your kind comments. I was fortunate enough to visit Guam some years ago and have never forgotten how beautiful it is. Or how friendly everyone was on the island, it was like one big neighborhood. I just might post a pic (one day, maybe) lol. Have a great weekend and God Bless you too.

buttel4him said...

Hi Sheri,I just signed up for
I thought it looked packed with info.check it out-ginger

Shere said...

Thanks Ginger! Glad to hear from you and I added the site to my blog roll. They had some great advice and I plan to make the light box today, it is going to be great for project pics. Take care & I hope you and the fam are doing well.