Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So Lucky

Blessed would be a more appropriate word but since March is the month of Luck, leprechauns & green I'm just going to go with it.  This page was made in the same way as the other two but it has a completely different feel.  I mixed it up by using 2 patterned pages that feature bold black words on a white background.  One of the patterns is oversized and the other is much smaller.  I really like the contrast in the patterns.  One thing that I found really interesting about this page is how the photo mats & embellishments contrast with the black & white background.  In LOVE with this and will definitely use the style again. 

The blue-green color scheme reminds me of an ombre style color scheme but instead of the colors fading from dark to light in one color, they go from blue to green.  I hope that makes sense.  Just one of my wonky ways of looking at things. 

The embellishment that ended up being my favorite on the whole page is the sequins with the enamel dot in the center.  The white on cream color just make me happy.  When I placed the sequins, the hole in the center was so distracting and I couldn't stop looking at it.  I spotted some white ranger enamel and wa-la, bring on the joy! 

Another thing on this page that is noteworthy to me is the green paper that I used to mat the small word pp.  I mentioned on another post that one of my goals is to use what I have.  What I had was a lime green sheet of neon cardstock.......

This would not work.  Not at all.  So I broke out my mist and painted it with these 2

The end result was fantastic.  Not only did I end up with a color that was spot on for my lo, but the paper buckling gave the whole layout some lift without me having to use a single pop-dot.  I could have flattened it out but I really liked the way the edges lifted. 


Speaking of lift, one of the reasons that I decided to go with my own design calendar this year instead of a predesigned one was because I truly enjoy fat, juicy pages.  I do need to keep my finished product in mind so some of my pages have to have flatter embellishments.  The dimension that this wavy page adds gives me the look of a fat page without all of the bulk. 

The detail shots below show how flat most of the elements are.





 You can clearly see that flat does not have to = boring.  The edges of the paper add lines & separation, the colors add pop and the shapes give you the feel of fullness without the thickness.

Glue.  One of the things that can be used to give a layout more substance is a heavy glue.  It really stiffens up your paper and because the glue is wet, unlike a tape runner or glue stick, your paper will wave & lift.  Wet glue is obviously not appropriate for all uses but is very good for pages like this where you need strength and form. 

So I have a question for you.  How often do you clean your work space?  I admit, I cannot start a new project until I have put everything away from my completed one.  Even if I am working on a page in a mini-album, I have to clean my space before starting a new page.  If I don't, I can't find anything and I end up taking a long time to finish and sometimes I get so frustrated/distracted that I don't finish at all.  Can anyone relate or am I weird?  Here is my desk during a project.  It really isn't that bad but I just started this so the disaster has not struck yet. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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