Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday, Monday

Mondays are fantastic aren't they?  A fresh new beginning to a fresh new week right? Yesterday was Mother's Day and hopefully everyone had a fantastic one, I sure did.  All of my chickadee's called me and made me feel very special & loved and my 2 dudes cooked me a fantastic dinner.  And on top of all of that fabulousness, they left me alone to scrap my heart out.  Oh the bliss.....

Since Saturday was National Scrapbook Day, I had plenty of inspiration to work with this weekend.  The challenges started on Friday and I actually completed/ some on Friday.  I was hoping to get all of the challenges at done but that's not how we roll here and my slow scrapping really held me back.  If you are able to get out of your own head and get a ton of pages done in one sitting my hat is off to you!

All in all, what did completed wasn't a shabby number and makes me happy all the same. Here is a look at the pages that I've done since the last time I posted on Friday....

Only a few of these were for the challenges but all are for my albums which is the main goal.  I will talk more about them (especially the ones that were scraplifted) tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday everyone!

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