Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just the Facts Journaler

Journaling is my least favorite part of the scrapbooking process.  I am not one of those scrappers that often goes back and fiddles with a page.  When I am done with a page, I am done and I want to move on.  Usually immediately as there are often 3 - 4 started layouts waiting in the queue:) 

I've been thinking about trends lately and one trend that I have been loving is the use of quotes, poems & stickers used as journaling.  Even better are the teeny, tiny tags & labels to journal on.  Those make me feel as if I accomplished something really big because I wrote more than just the name & the date on my page.  The look of my handwritten journaling, on some pages, just does not appeal to me.  It looks out of place or sloppy to my eye so I tend to put it on the back of the page in most cases. 

One of the things I love the most about this page (besides the photo of my boys) is that the stickers that I used say everything that I have to say about them & why I created this page.  They are brothers but also the best of friends despite the age gap.  Quentin adores his big brother and Aaron never treats him as if he is an annoying little brother.  I am really crazy about how they get along and how each sees the other as something of a super hero.  There is definitely a more in depth story about this lo but that is all on the back of the page.  The majority of people that thumb through my album will get the information that they are looking for, but for those looking for more details, they can take the time to check out the back....


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