Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer's Coming!

Summer is the busiest time of the year for our little family of 3 and this year we are tossing in college visits, getting a driver's permit and finding a job for Quentin into the mix.  The college visits are the toughest because he has no idea where he wants to go so he's being very resistant to taking the time to visit a campus.  We did plan to travel to MIT but I think that we are going to start with local campus's.  I think that once he gets to see a couple of schools, he will warm up to the idea.  He is very much his father's child when it comes to change.  Doesn't like it, wants no part of it, change is not his friend.  There has got to be a small piece of me in that child somewhere and hopefully we will bring it out during these visits. 

I really did think that I would get to do a ton of creating this weekend but I actually touched nothing in my craft space.  Nothing.  Which is not a bad thing but you know, I missed it.  We were busy all weekend. 

Friday we caught a comedy show at DC Improv.  It was fantastic!  Loni Love is so much funnier in person.  She was awesome!!!!!

Saturday we had Mother's Day Dinner at Fogo De Chao.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  We drank wine and ate meat for several hours before finally calling it quits.  Great dinner conversations with my boys and we were surrounded by other families celebrating one thing or the other so the mood was very festive.  It was lovely.  We followed that up by walking through DC.  It was a beautiful night.  Warm (not hot at all, just soothingly warm) with a slight breeze.  The city seemed alive. 

Sunday we worked in the yard (it looks so good:) and that makes me so ridiculously happy) and had an early dinner.  We ate so much at dinner Saturday that we were not even hungry until the afternoon.  Getting into a restaurant on a special day is crazy in this area.  Crazy!  But we got there at the perfect time and were shown to our seats immediately.  Score 1 for team Jamison......

I did create a couple of layouts last week that I haven't put here.  I am still working on my photo project and have started putting all of the pictures that I found into albums and weeding out duplicates.  I am going to give the duplicates to my children so that they will have a head start on their family albums.  With my youngest daughter preparing to have a baby, I thought that she would really love to see some of her baby pictures now.  In the photos on this layout, I was pregnant with my oldest.  Me and my best friend just happened to get pregnant at the same time.  We delivered the kids 4 days apart. 

I put a journaling pocket at the top (I remembered it this time and did not glue it shut) for my thoughts.......

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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