Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Fresh New Start

Mondays always seem like a fresh new start to me.  Whenever I decide to do something new, I always plan to start on MONDAY.  New exercise program: Monday.  New schedule:  Monday.  Getting up earlier (I am so not a morning person): Monday.  Just one of those curious things I guess.  Does anyone else have a favorite day to start things?

My to do list is so crazy long!  26 items and I am not even done yet.  Everything needs to get done.  Everything.
  1. I have to get a new school ID.  Can't put that off because I need to by books next week and have to look them up at the school website.
  2. Register my car. 
  3. Pay bills
  4. Print new vehicle insurance id cards.  Why am I putting that off till the last minute?
  5. Arrangements for next years Disney vacation.
  6. Arrangements for Beach weekend.
  7. Arrangements for day in NY (tickets, parking, where to eat, etc)  It is so much easier to go to NY when you do all this in advance.  Especially the parking!
  8. Q school sked (order curriculum, sign him up for classes, join new homeschool group).
  9. Resked my hair appointment and take Q to get a haircut.
  10. File.  Still unpacking from the move and I have hundreds of old statements that I need to decide whether to keep or not.  Bags of shredding to do and new files to make.  Who holds on to utility bills from 1998?
I finished a page about me and my sisters and I love how it came out.  Basic Grey is the best!!!!  Love their paper.  As far as I can remember, they have only come out with a total of 3 lines that I did not care for.  As in, I only bought a few papers instead of the whole line lol.  They are a terrible influence on my scrapping budget. 

We went to Niagara Falls this weekend and I am completly in love with this place.  I could have stayed 2 more days.  It was just magical.  You are not going to believe the photos when I post them.  My husband got this great shot of a rainbow at the base of the American falls.  It is mind blowing to see them up close.  When we drove into town, we could see all of the mist that was rising from where the waterfall hit the lake.  It looked like smoke.  Amazing place.  A-Ma-Zing.  

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