Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Days

It is rainy, rainy, rainy here today.  It is actually supposed to rain until next Tuesday according to the mini weather man that lives in my house.  It is making me sooooooo sleepy.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  I made some stuff but can't take any photos bc of the terrible light that we are getting now.  I read on someone's blog that they use daylight bulbs (she took photos at 9pm and they were fantastic) so I am going to go and get me some of those today.  I can stay up crafting all night now! 

I really hope (DMV'rs don't kill me) that all of this rain is going to translate into a snowy season.  I can't get enough of the stuff!  When we lived in SC, there was one season.  Hot.  I can think of many times wearing shorts on Thanksgiving & Christmas so I love the fact that we actually have 4 seasons here in the DC area.

I don't have much to say today but I did want to post a couple more photos that I love....

I can't believe it's about that time again.  Yeah!

Why does he love to make this face?

Me and my oldest two.  Awwww.  Miss them both.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great Weekend!

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