Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old Photos

Looking through old photos makes my heart sing with happy thoughts.  I feel like I should write down some of the songs that run around up there.  Who knows, maybe one of them will be a hit. 

Is that seriously my hubby?  Hell yeah!  He looks so young!!!! 

Me and my girl at some event.  She looks taller than me but she isn't. 

My girl in elementary school.  Can you find her?  She hated that hairstyle.  I have never told her this, but I hated it too lol.  I always try to defend myself but really there is no defense for trying a new hairstyle on picture day.  

(hint - she's in the middle row, 4th from the left and no I do not know why the little girl in the black dress is standing like that)

A and Q on a trip to Disney

My sister and her oldest daughter (she's 22 now and still just as cute)

Me when I was in the Navy (no comment)

And last but not least, a layout using photos that I have been meaning to scrap forever.  Q is the worst sport!  You can't tell from the photo but he was super mad that he was losing and really pouting about it.  I convinced him to smile or at least look a little normal (told him that he would never bowl again) and this is what I got.  A decent photo. 

Thanks for stopping by and blog u later.

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