Monday, April 25, 2016

May is Just Around The Corner...

and I am soooo ready for homeschool to be over for the year, to dig into some new old scrapbook supplies, to finalize my summer plans, to have more free time to read.  This is all of the stuff that comes with summer and I am ready!  

Last night, I went ahead and put away the unused things from my April stash kit.  It was a lot.  But I am very tired of looking at it so I decided to call it done.  No guilt or regret.  April was not a good month as far as keeping up with how many pages I was creating and how much stuff I was using.  It really didn't happen at all.  May on the other hand is going to be different.  Goals have been set and a great scrap stash kit has been created.  I am almost too excited to dig in.  

Pages to create - 60

Up to now, I've been using mostly scraplifting to get my pages done but I am going to change direction a little for May.  May is going to be all about the challenges and classes.  Some of the plans that are posted/sneak-peeked for NSD have me chomping at the bit!  I've also decided that I must.  Repeat must use the classes that I have signed up for at BPC.  

Kit Contents - This kit is a whopper.  I included a ton of stuff simply because I plan to create a lot of pages and because I plan to use the kit for an entire month. 

120 - 12X12 Scrapbook Papers
8    -  6X6 Paper Pads
4    -  12X12 Chipboard Embellishment Sheets
6    -  12X12 Cut-Apart Sheets
85  -   Misc Packages of Embellishments & Stickers
4    -   12X12 Die-Cut/Sticker Sheets
4    -   Packages of Alphabets

I had intended to take a photo of how I keep the kit but forgot about it.  I'll post that tomorrow in a separate blog post.

Some of the pages that I've posted in my online galleries this month:

Yep, This girl was productive:)  And I have to purchase another album or 2 to hold all of the pages that I plan to create this month.  If I keep up this pace, I will add another 16 albums this year.  Wow!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by and happy Monday...

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