Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Home For Gifted Memories

Tomorrow Gifted Memories will be in its new home. As i've mentioned, Michelle is supplying us wonderful support and I am excited to give the message boards, gallery and new features a test run. It is scheduled to go live tomorrow so make sure that you pop by and give us a look. I would love to know what you think about the new site and would really appreciate hearing any feedback you have about what you like and don't like about it. Really take the gloves off! We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. We received some awesome comments when we first opened the old site. Everything from how you liked its looks, it's contents and it's ease of use to the shipping cost. So please don't be shy about sharing your thoughts on the new digs. Come check us out tomorrow, we can't wait to see you........

Bleach pen. What can I say. You are either going to love this challenge or hate it. I found it interesting but don't know that this is something I will be adding to the toolbox.
I used the bleach pen.....

To distress the edges of the top and bottom photos. It actually looks like it has been sanded than inked.
  1. To doodle on the top photo

  2. To lighten the dots in the bottom pp mat

  3. To highlight the title circle in the top pp mat

I sanded the bleach residue off of the pp after it dried. It just worked better for me than wiping it off. I was also surprised that the changes did not happen immediately (except for on the photos) but took about 15 minutes to develop.

Here is a layout that I did for the current pencil lines sketch.....

This is my mom in 1988. I always look at this photo and wonder how she was feeling about her life. I used some Scenic Route floral paper and cut the entire background out. All of the dark red that you see is from another piece of patterned paper that I placed behind what I cut out. I love how it came out. Sorta like a lace paper but made by hand. I then placed a rub-on in the top left corner over the photo and the cut-out paper. Really like the way this layout came out. Once again, thanks for stopping by the blog and i'll catch you tomorrow (yeah it's Friday!!!!!).

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vtpuggirl said...

Sweet layout, I'll check out the new board, sounds neat!