Monday, March 3, 2008

The Flu

I have not posted in a while. I have not sent out my newsletter. I have not created any new kits. I have not cooked a meal. I have not cleaned. I have barely even gotten out of bed since Monday. Why? I have had the flu. Me, the little guy and the girl have all been sick, sick, sick. Miserably sick. But we are all on the mend. The girl is back in college, the little guy is back in school and I am slowly getting back into my scrappin routine. Thank God! Being sick is miserable.

So here are a couple of layouts that I made:

Not my usual style but I really like them. I especially love the layered flowers and colors on the good times lo.

A new month, a new challenge. But instead of doing this one daily, I will be doing it weekly. My personal goals for the challenges are
  • to complete as many pages as possible

  • to learn at least one new technique a month

  • to freshen my style and add more staples to my toolbox than sanding, inking and tearing

  • to move outside of my comfort zone

  • to experiment with someone elses style
What are your goals for participating in challenges?

Those that know me know that although I love to scraplift, I am lousy at it. My layouts never look even remotely like the ones that I received my inspiration from. I can never do a challenge without a sketch and I am still very much crushing on Becky Fleck so I will continue to use her sketches for every challenge. On Monday I will post the sketch and a list of challenges for the week. Saturday, I would love to have an online crop and to chat about the layouts that we've done over on the message boards at Gifted Memories. The crop will start at 6pm est. So here goes.

The sketch courtesy of pagemaps:

The challenges (to be done over the entire week, not all on one layout. So you will end up with at least 6 layouts):

  1. Change this into a 2 page layout
  2. Print your photos on canvas or textured cardstock and hand color
  3. Use a bleach pen to add doodles to your photos
  4. Use photos in place of the patterned paper squares
  5. Use fabric in place of the patterned paper squares
  6. Use a March Calendar page in place of the photo, and photos in place of the patterned papers.

Leave me a link or email me pics of your favorite layout from the challenge and you can win a free kit from the store. You can also post your lo in the Gifted Memories Gallery on Saturday. The winner will be chosen at 8pm est at the online crop.

Michelle has created the new store and I have been busy uploading all of the merchandise into it but should be done within the next couple of days. It is definitely nice new digs so stop by and check it out on Friday.

Hope that you all had a great Monday and blog you tomorrow.

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