Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Seriously!  How does the year sneak by so. darn. fast.  We are having a very low key dinner (just the 4 of us) and afterwards football, Christmas trees and breaking out my Pandora Christmas playlist.  Simple.  Relaxed.  Bliss.   

Of course I do plan to do some creating and have already "kitted" about 16 layouts that I can work on until Monday.  Even though we got a few days off for the holiday, time is still very elusive around these parts:)

I'm still working through my stash and polishing off the rest of the new stuff I purchased at  I was able to use most everything in my October Hip Kit and have started to get some pages done with November.  December will be shipping in just a couple of weeks and I want to be ready for it.  

The last few times we visited my girl in NYC, she took a group selfie of us all walking the streets.  It's funny to see how we all fall into "our" positions when we are together as a group like this:)  The page is fresh, bright and pretty and based on a Becki Adam's youtube video for Scrapbook Expo.  I loved everything about her page and stuck pretty closely to her design.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Finally using my Big Picture Classes subscription to its fullest.  I've been planning to get one or two classes a week completed and been pretty successful at it lol.  This page is completed using the class Document January 2015 by Aly Dosdal.  Love her style and am looking forward to doing more of her classes.  

I used paper scraps and washi tape to create the design in the background.  Loving how the white brightens everything up...

We recently went to the Virgin Islands for vacation and this guy was great to get us in the mood for Halloween!  I love traveling during the off season and enjoyed the trip beyond all reason.  

That's it for me folks, thanks for stopping by!  Gobble, Gobble...

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