Monday, November 14, 2016


My numbers for September and October make me really happy considering that we were traveling so much and that there was no time to create.  

From July through October I managed to: 

·                     Complete 54 layouts
·                     Use 111 pieces of patterned paper  
·                     Use 35 packages of stickers & embellishments  
·                     Use 55 pieces of cardstock  
·                     Use 10 - 6X6 pads  

While that is not as much stuff as what I posted using/creating the last time, it is still a good bit.  Progress is progress and I am very happy about how much got done:)

I can't believe what I am going to share with you right now.  Even though I have a mega sized stash, I have been buying a lot of new stuff lately.  Aaannnddd I joined Hip Kit Club.  So far they've sent me 2 kits and both of them are fantastic!  I used all of the paper and about 1/2 of the embellishments in the October kit and have sorted and will start on the November kit sometime this week.  

My new purchases did not get put away but they are sitting in my space with a plan to get them all on pages by the end of the month.  Yay me!:)  With all of the pages that I've been creating, I've had to address the amount of albums I can/want to realistically have in my home.  It isn't a space issue, I just don't know that I want 200 albums sitting around.  Creating so many new pages has me filling about 2 albums a month and if this hobby continues to keep my interest for the next 10 years, that is going to add up to waaayyy to many albums.  I don't have a specific solution in mind but it is something that needs some thought.

My little Ethan and his mom again.  They have the sweetest relationship and it isn't hard to get good pictures of them being sweet to each other:)  I saw this page on the My Mind's Eye blog and fell in love with it.  I wish that I had put my papers on the diagonal because it was such a nice touch.  Maybe next time...

This page about Ethan's mom and our niece Taylor when she was born.  I love how they are looking at each other.  The page is a favorite and was fun to make.  I cut the circles with my circle scissor our of white cardstock and patterned paper.  I cut the patterned paper circles in half and put the halves back together with a different piece of paper.  Backed them with the white cardstock circle, stacked a little one on a big one and put an enamel dot in the center.  Magic:)

That's it for me today folks.  Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!!

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