Sunday, November 27, 2016

Learning How to Shop

I know that sounds a little crazy but honestly the last year of using my stash has really taught me that I don't know how to shop.  Before, I just bought pretty things.  Now, I buy pretty things that I will actually use.  It is frustrating to see all of the things that cost me so much space, time & money end up being just given away.  

I have learned :

  1. that I don't like to use acetate.  At all.  No matter how pretty.  
  2. the $2 a sheet specialty papers are not my thing and I really struggle to use them:(
  3. brads should never, ever again be purchased in 10 pound bags...
  4. there is such a thing as too much washi tape, mist & sprays.
  5. I don't do enough mixed media to justify the hundreds of gelatos, gessos, markers and stencils that I own.
  6. embossing folders and dies are not my thing and only get used when I force myself to.
Surprisingly, my style is much more simple than my shopping led me to believe:)  It has been an eye opening struggle to work through my stash but the experience has led me to better habits.  The last few things that I purchased got used up and not added to my stash.  The papers and things that I let go of were forgotten as soon as they were boxed up and I don't feel any regrets.  There have been zero "perfect page for that thing I gave away" moments!

In fact, I'm creating more and enjoying the process a lot more.  

This page was inspired by this sketch.....

My sister posted a handful of photos of the kids before they went trick or treating and of her over the top Halloween neighborhood.  Such a cute ninja turtle.  Looking back, I wish that I had added some of the dangly bits that the sketch showed....

This page was inspired by this page on my pinterest boards (Lisa Dickinson.  Love her work!)  I DON'T do feathers.  Ever.  I was more interested in how she had her page laid out than I was what she used.  My sister is trying to get us to move home so when I was there for the summer, she scheduled some houses for us to look at.  I LOVED the Wine room in this house!  Yeah, I was a little over excited...

Our entire wedding party.  I love how simple the page is and the choice to change the photo to black and white....

Laura Vegas is a long time favorite designer of mine and this page was my inspiration.  My page is not as clean and simple as hers but I still love it.  My sisters neighbors went all the way out in decorating their house for Halloween didn't they?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great weekend! 

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