Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Assembling Inspiration That Works

Variety is the key for me.  Even when I pin things, if I am going to use a pin as inspiration for a page, I have to print it out.  Weirdo alert:) right?  But it works for me.  I like the feel of paper in my hands and that habit probably won't change anytime soon.  

About a year or so ago I realized that all of my things were spread out all over my different spaces and that if there was an idea or something I needed to get my eyes on, it was not going to be found easily.  Office supply store to the rescue.  A simple white binder + a hole punch + a little discipline = a much better approach to my elusive inspiration accessibility issue.  

My system is crazy!  It starts with a list of starting points that get used the most and ends with me sitting down at my computer for about 30 minutes each week printing out and compiling what inspiration is going to get used with what product.  See.  Crazy:).  But it works for me.  I'll talk more about it (with some photos of it) and how I use it in my next few post.  

Last time I posted I talked about how I need a starting point.  The blank page just paralyzes my creativity most of the time but since creating the inspiration binder I've really been able to keep my mojo flowing and my hands busy with projects.  Like this one using a random cute photo of my girl.  Most of my pages seem to be about my girl but she is the only one of my kids that gets me regular photos!  I really like this shot of her.....

Stitching, filling big letters and white space are nothing new.  My Pinterest boards are filled with layouts using these techniques and I wanted to give it a try.  I love the black and white washi border, the RGBIVish paper behind my letters and the simpleness of the page.  

This page was about a super, incredibly hot day at Disney.  By the end of it we were done with Summer and ready for some cool weather lol.  The kids didn't even want to go outside it was so freaking hot!  

I normally get my sketch inspiration from pagemaps but here in the last couple of years I've been branching out.  Pinterest makes it so easy to find and credit sketch sites that i've gotten away from Becky's sketches a bit.  I still print them out every month though and always will.  Loyal fan here!  The #over summer page was made with a Studio Calico Sunday sketch from 2013.  

This page was born because I wanted to use my colored pencils to color the edges of a scallop:)  Randomness.  Gotta love it:)  These 2 were so excited to spend an entire day in their costumes and they were absolutely adorable.......

I will go back and cover up that phone with some journaling or a banner.  Something.  My main editing software is still out for the count so my photo quality is not good if a photo has to be cropped or manipulated too much.  This will probably not change until my husband and I can agree on what type of computer to get next.  We are trying to decide if we should bite the learning curve bullet and just get a Mac.  

Is it wrong that I am in love with the Crate Paper Wonder Alpha's on this page and that is the first thing I think about when I look at it?  I'm sure that feeling will fade with time and the focus will go back to Q's decision to go to this college over all of the others he had to choose from.....

I seriously can't believe it's Wednesday already folks!  Thanks for stopping by and happy Humpday!!

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