Friday, November 10, 2017

October by the Numbers

Not a bad month if the numbers tell the truth.  Along with everything that I was able to create, I also made a decision about how I am going to keep the number of completed albums in my house from getting out of control.  Since I don't love all of the pages that I create and there are some that aren't important to our family story, I'm going to keep scrap boxes instead albums.  The boxes will hold those pages that I don't love but don't want to toss or pages that have been redone but that I still like the original pages and want to keep them too.  

I rescrap photos all of the time so I have quite a few that are on more than one page.  Most of the time, when I reuse a photo it's because I didn't capture the story in the way I wanted to so I'm okay with redoing the page and archiving the duplicate or in some cases, duplicates:)  No shame in my game folks.  There are just some photos that I LOVE and will use over and over again!

OK.  The numbers.  In October I happily managed to:

  • Complete 46 layouts 
  •                      Use 90 pieces of patterned paper  
  •                      Use 29 packages of stickers & embellishments  
  •                      Use 44 pieces of cardstock  
  •                      Use up 2 - 6X6 pads and 1 roll of washi tape. 
That is almost as much as what I did for 3 months!  I think I did good:)  Let's hope I can keep it moving through the holidays eh.  

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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