Thursday, January 31, 2008

SEI Jolie

This has got to be the best line that SEI has ever released. It is just undescribably gorgeous! Very V-day, very spring, very girly, very romantic, just very very. I can think of a million different pages to use this paper on and I know that those of you that get the kit are just going to love using it in all of your projects. Here are a couple pics of stuff that i've been slaving over:

This is the "Brand New" kit for Gifted Memories. It won't be posted till tomorrow so be sure to check it out. It is a one page layout kit.

This is a project that I did for The Pink House. If you have not played with the Queen & Co. Felt Fusion, you have got to get you some. It is so versatile and fun. I used it to make my own version of lace paper in this layout. Since it is self-adhesive, all you have to do is lay it down on the edge of your cardstock and trim around it. Easy Peasy.

A predesigned Baby Girl Scrapbook album. 20 pages of total cute. All you have to do is add your pics. Covers all of the little ones milestones from first haircut to first steps. There is a place for the birth announcement as well as for you to stamp her footprints. You even have an envelope to place a lock of hair from the haircut. Lovely from front to back. It will be in the store tomorrow along with the new kit.

Feb 5th kits will be available for sale. And make sure that you sign up for the newsletter, it will be going out tomorrow. Have a great evening and blog you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


You need to put those pages up for sale so that I can buy them. Especially the one with the felt on it.

Secina Ari'el Jamison said...

Guess what i just read Mother dear??? I love this blog site, im going to have to come here everyday and read them. Mind you, I CANT BELIEVE YOU PUT THAT PICTURE OF ME. To make up for it you should put the new ones i sent you on here including my Rubix cube ones. Speaking of that Yes world Secina Ari'el Jamison has solved the cube. Dont listen to my mother, she's mad because i solved it and she didnt (ha ha) I didnt just take it out the box and take pictures (o yea my mother has the pictures to prove i did it). If you want mother dear, i will take some close ups so you can see how worn it is. Oh yea and you can also call your sister, who i should tell you is where i got it from. She will also be able to tell you that it was mixed up when i took it from her. Well I think that's enough bragging. I Love you Mucherz and i'll talk to you later.

P.S. Keep up the good work and tell my Nelly Hi and i love him Mucherz!