Friday, April 25, 2008

Christmas in May

I'm sending out the cold winter weather (it's almost 80 degrees here & my son is asking to play in the sprinkler) with a Winter lo. Today was weird color combination day. All of the lo's that I made had an unusual/different color combo.
I am also thinking about my grandmother with a grandma layout (funky colors on this one too - red, blue, black & pale green - but I love how they came out)
This one is just about being happy......... I love the jotters from Luxe & used 1/2 a sheet of them on this lo. They are all matted on a different color but to keep them all related, I inked the edges with pink.
Will you remember your daily routine in 10 years? You will if you have this page! I used about 7 different companies on this page! Prima, MAMBI, Chatterbox, Bazzill, Basic Grey, MME, MM, & NRN.
Last but not least, my favorite for the day.......

If you haven't been on the boards at the store, stop on by! There is a page swap, a couple of tutorials, question threads and more.......

I received the reviews back from my classes and just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Good or bad comments were welcome (although the good are much better to eat)! I like the good comments because it is truly important to me that you have a good experience and hearing the how's & the why's of why you liked the class & what you liked the most about it keeps me doin the good. I like the bad comments because I can't fix it if I don't know it's broke so when you take the time to let me know what you didn't like or what you feel could be improved on, I can adjust, tinker & overhaul my classes to make them better. So thank you so much for your input. I have taken all that you have said to heart and will keep the things that you love and will improve the things that frustrated you (no giveaways one lady commented and I quote "ya know we just expect em", the class handouts and a better way to display samples so that everyone can see them). So, for those that are taking my class in NJ, can't wait to meet you and please feel free to let me know what you think after the class! All of the examples of my classes will be posted on the class blog by Monday so stop by and check them out. Happy Friday & have a great weekend.

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I love you:)