Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Challenge Time

Thanks for your kind words. I am getting back to myself. My little guy was quite upset when he found out that we had to buy a large pizza to get the one cent deal and felt quite ripped off. So did I when I got the bill. $40 for 2 pizzas (not including the one cent one) and a couple of drinks. What? I sure did not let him know that, I just appreciate him being such a kind person.

I have been challenging myself to use it up. So much great stuff was released at CHA (hello Sassafras Lass, Pink Paisley and Jenni Bowlin) that I can barely make myself wait to get it all. But I already own so much stuff, what the heck am I going to do? With the economy the way it is, supporting 2 households, 1 kid in college, 2 kids on the way to college and 1 little piglet to spoil rotten I can’t justify continuing to buy, buy, buy without using anything. So, I have challenged myself to use twice as much as I buy. You have to understand, I don’t just buy a couple of sheets here and there, I buy a couple of lines here and there, lol. So for me to say that I have to use twice as much as I buy that is one tall order! I am so totally up for the challenge. In fact I have been purging and using regularly over the past few weeks and it feels great (my studio is cleaner too). Wish me luck, thanks for stopping by and blog you later.

P.S. registration for the mini-workshops at Inspired will be up and running on March 1st. Make sure that you stop by and check them out!

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